Old Tire Projects

It’s a good thing that old tire projects can be recycled into new ones. We have so many things lying around that are destined to be discarded or better yet, torn up and put to good use again. But of course, one of these old items is a tire iron. It’s a great tool when you need to get a tire ready for a job. I have a few old tire projects sitting around gathering dust, and when I saw them I just had to have them. Here are some of my favorite do-it-yourself tire iron creations.

The first old tire project I tackled was to refinish an old tire drum. I simply took a very corroded and worn-out drum and then polished it to make it look like it was brand new. The result was a sweet looking drum that looked like it was custom made just for my car. The finished product is so much better than the OEM “rubber” that most of them come with. It looks like someone sat down and drew a plan before they built it!

Another old tire project I tackled was a small grill to attach to my grill. I found some really nice grill rubbers at my local hardware store and made my own. I used some spray paint to make my grill look like it was brand new, and it looks fantastic.

My next project was a rubber tire cover for my old dad’s truck. I simply wrapped the old rubber over the top of his old truck bed. To me it looks like he has been driving around in a very well maintained vehicle. I also was able to find some rubber soles to put on the bottom of his tires. I was able to find rubber soles that were a solid color and I was able to craft a stylish looking cover for his truck.

To make my rubber cement project look more authentic, I actually cut out a section of old rubber soled carpet. I then laid this out over my old rubber cement floor. The effect was surprisingly good!

If you are like me, your old car probably has a junking tank sitting somewhere. Many people do not realize this but old tires actually make quite a fashion statement! I decided to try and create a style statement with my old Ford pickup. I wrapped black rubber along the entire length of the frame and added some old rubber soles.

Last but certainly not least on my list of old tire projects was a coffee table for my front porch. I was quite nervous when I began this project because it was a large job. I decided to go ahead and get some old books on old art forms to help me. I decided to make my coffee table out of old milk jugs, cut out some old windows, and use some white painted distressed doors as shelves. The result was quite nice!

As you can see, there are many old tire projects that you can choose to tackle. The important thing is just to stay focused and do something! There is nothing like tackling an old project and seeing the result! Good luck!

To save on your materials, make sure that you have all the appropriate tools. This list of necessary tools includes a circular saw, rags, a drill, rubber gloves, and old tires. I would also recommend making a sketch of your project to keep in front of you. This will make cutting rubber much easier. If you’re cutting your own rubber, then it’s even better!

Once you’ve got all your tools together, make sure that you read all of the instructions carefully before you begin. I had no idea about what to do next, so I ended up sanding one of the rags wrong. When I tried to take it back to the shop, they told me that I needed to make sure that it was properly cleaned before using it again. I guess I didn’t take my notes. What I should have done first off, was make sure that the area around where I was sanding was clean. I also want to make sure that the area I was sanding is away from any power tools like lawnmowers.

If you’re going to do this project, be sure to protect your old tires with rubber tubes. These rubber tubes are meant to be used to keep your old tire in one piece so it doesn’t get damaged from the pressure. Also, if you have a blowout while sanding your old tires, then you need to have someone there to catch it. I’m sure there’s many other DIY garden ideas out there for you to try.

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