Beautiful Outdoor Decor Ideas for Your Backyard

Using DIY garden decor and patio furnishings, you can bring the beauty of a garden right into your own home. For example, using plastic garden planters filled with pebbles, leaves or grass clippings to create an outdoor garden, rather than an indoor one. Simply by painting your plastic garden planter white, you can have a beautiful spot to relax in your back yard.

Decorate your outdoor garden bench with a garden statue and sit outside on your back porch watching the world go by. If you don’t like being enclosed, why not try a few DIY garden decor pieces that allow you to enjoy nature from the great outdoors? A great DIY decor plan is to create an outdoor sitting area with a painted rock and use that as a base for an outdoor garden statue.

Another idea for DIY garden decor that is both useful and beautiful is a simple planter filled with pots and planters filled with pebbles or dried flowers.

Using a simple flowerpot and a few pots filled with water, you can create an attractive focal point for your garden spaces. The lovely thing about a water garden is that it doesn’t take up much space and can provide the relaxing ambiance you are looking for in your yard or patio.

As part of your diy garden decor, why not create an attractive lawn sprinkler or irrigation system with some pot hanging on the fence?

Using a wooden watering can and a water hose, you can easily create a watering station for your garden. If you don’t want to use a hose, you can just hand watering your plants from the comfort of your own wooden watering can. The nice thing about wooden watering cans is that they look really good and also are very functional.

Why not add some whimsical garden decor ideas to your gardening areas?

Adding some outdoor lights can give a welcoming feel to your garden, and there are plenty of cute lighting options available on the market today. Plus, lighting can help reduce the amount of energy you use from your electric meter. Using lights strategically around your garden can really make a difference to the overall design of the garden.

When it comes to DIY garden art, why not add some colorful ribbons on your flower beds?

You can have fun by winding little birds around your flower beds or planting colorful flowers among your flower beds. Adding some garden art can really bring a unique charm to your garden. If you’d like to get more elaborate, why not create a cute statuary in one of your flowerbeds? The possibilities are endless.

Perhaps the best way to create more of a DIY garden art scene is by using the colors of nature. Why not paint a colorful abstract sculpture garden art scene onto your flower bed?

Or you can also place a water feature in your flower bed, reminiscent of a natural spring. You can also have some water feature in your flower bed such as a koi pond with colorful fish flocking around it. And then top it off with a flower bed vase filled with green garden roses.

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