Recycled Garden Furniture Ideas That Are Way Cooler Than Store Bought Ones

Reused or recycled garden furniture can offer many benefits. As they are both durable and easy to maintain, it is worthwhile finding ways to make them even more attractive to our gardens.

One of the best ways is to utilize the wooden variety as a focal point. Wooden plinths, tables, and benches can be purchased ready-made at most garden centers and even online. Below we offer some simple ideas for using recycled pieces in your own garden.

The first recycled garden furniture idea to consider is to assemble a large wooden box full of bright flowers.

Creating a lush, ever-green garden filled with bright flowers and colorful plants is the ultimate goal, and raised planting beds are an excellent way of adding depth and height. If you already have herbs, you can hang labels off the wooden handles, identifying each herb.

Alternatively, if you do not want to use this type of raised planting bed, you can instead opt for a series of small planters on the ground, surrounded by containers filled with water. This is also an ideal spot for growing annuals and perennials that are not bothered by the rain.

Next, try to group your recycled plastic chairs together. A simple way to do this is by placing an assortment of cushions on each seat, then arranging a variety of dried flowers around the cushions.

For the highest effect, consider using colorful plastic flowers on each chair. Add some decorative pillows or foam blocks, and voila! Your garden is transformed into a cheerful haven made from recycled plastic chairs and eco-friendly flower seeds.

Another idea is to create a small play area out of recycled plastic garden furniture. Place playground equipment or wooden swing sets in appropriate spots.

Buy sturdy playground equipment that has a longer lifespan. For instance, wooden swing sets made of cedar may last decades. Also, buy some child-sized swings and place them in areas where children can play safely.

One more recycled garden furniture ideas is to turn your wooden patio chairs into an alternative form of seating. You can make your own wooden benches by buying old wood pieces at yard sales or thrift stores, then arranging them in a loosely circular structure.

Add cushions and floral fabric to make it more attractive. If you live in a windy area, cover your wooden benches with netting so that they stay protected from the rain. You can even use netting to frame some plants in your garden.

Lastly, plant some low-walled trees in your garden. Make sure you get rid of any branches or leaves that have accumulated in the cracks of your deck and patio. If you have a container garden, plant a mixture of perennials and shrubs next to each other so that their roots will overlap.

When the climate conditions are right, you can turn those layers of soil into rich and fertile compost. Turn the compost into black dirt by digging around it with a shovel, and spread the compost on top of your recycled plastic chairs and tables to fertilize your garden.

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