5 Sensory Gifts For Him

It’s the end of the year and you have to figure out gifts for him for Christmas. You have to do it soon, because men are hard to buy for at the holidays. The best gifts for him this year are those that he will actually use.

There’s no better way to remind a man that you care than to give him one of these sensual 5 senses gift ideas. He’ll appreciate your concern and efforts to show him how much you care. Here are his five senses gifts this year and beyond.

Gifts Ideas For 5 Senses

So, here are a few gift ideas for him that he can use for Christmas. If you want to buy gifts for him that is more for the spirit of Christmas, then you might consider one of these gifts for him from Five senses: Hearing, sight, touch, taste, and smell.

This is a great gift for him because it will allow him to enhance all of his senses. And if you’re wondering what type of gift to get him with these gifts for him, just think of him listening to your favorite music, seeing his favorite television show, or tasting his favorite dish.


Sensory stimulation is very important to every man. For the man who has everything, give him his freedom.

A man needs to have his own space and no matter how many women try to set him free by promising him anything, he needs to feel like he has complete control over his life. A gift that will give him the space he needs is a GPS Navigation System for his car, boat or motorcycle.

You can also consider giving your husband a desk calendar for his office and home. This desk calendar comes in a variety of styles and sizes and it can be personalized with his name or initials. It will give him a reminder of the things that matter most to him.


Men can enjoy wine as much as any woman. Why not give him a bottle of his favorite vintage for his anniversary? An assortment of vintage wines and champagne glasses will show your man that you understand what he likes and enjoys.

A wine gift basket for a man in your life is always a clever choice. It will show your man that you know what’s important to him and that you care.

A gift certificate for dinner at a unique Italian restaurant is a great gift for the man in your life. This gift will show him that you are aware of his tastes and desires.


You can buy him a wristwatch or a watch. These types of gifts for him are a little more expensive, but they’re perfect for him because he’ll always have a way to tell the time. Other wristwatches are available, too, which will make him feel like an important person when he has his own watch.

He’ll always remember you when he wears his bracelet or the watch you gave him. Just imagine how much he’ll treasure it.


There are lots of perfumes, colognes, and fragrances that are making to give him just the perfect aroma. These are often more expensive, so you’ll need to really think about what you want to buy him and how much money you have available for him. These types of gifts for him are perfect if he loves the smell of something that he smells on you.


Hearing gifts for him are also wonderful. There are plenty of earphones and mp3 players that are designed to give him the perfect audio experience. They provide a better experience than even television and radio shows can. When he’s in front of the TV or listening to music on his MP3 player, he’ll really appreciate it.


The gift of love is an ever lasting feeling that will bring you closer to your man. 5 senses are essential for a loving relationship.

Men need to feel loved and appreciated. So consider giving your man a personalized gift that will make him feel like a king. The right gift shows that you have given a lot of thought and care and he will appreciate it for years to come.

If you want to help him realize his true potential, give him these 5 senses-smelling, taste, hear, touch, and see. He’ll really enjoy each gift and every moment of it. He’ll get a great gift for himself and a great gift for you, too.

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