Present Idea For Boy Fine Picture

How many times have you attempted to purchase the right gift for the special man and fell short? Guys could be many of the most difficult to buy gifts for given that they each have this excellent taste that could change from one extreme on the other.

Rather than require a college length of searching for the top gifts for him, we’ve got taken every one of the guess-work out of the equation by developing the 5 senses technique. Simple scroll through this unique set of 5 senses gift ideas for him and you’ll hit one from the park for certain.

It relates to satisfying all 5 senses – taste, touch, smell, sight and sound.

Ideas Generation

I started looking at Pinterest (This is my starting point for virtually any project. Even when I know exactly what I want to do) and discovered this concept of gifts for all 5 senses. This was it. It was innovative inside idea, wide rolling around in its scope and customized to the person.

1. SIGHT – His Favourite Little Undies

And finally, for the see” present, I stuck in a cute little pair of undies to add a little romance. Like I said, the gifts could be made as risqua as you wish, so I decided to add just a touch of ‘scandal’ to the bags.

2. TOUCH – Massage

My boyfriend always begging for back massages, and I’ll admit it’s not at all my favourite thing in the entire world to perform! My rule is normally which a massage lasts so long as it takes to rub within the lotion. 

Usually, that means baby lotion because we have a lot of it accessible, and I love the smell of it! For the touch” gift I decided to get him some ‘manly’ smelling lotion, and promised that it’ll be accompanied by a massage – it IS Valentine’s Day all things considered.

My little love note:

Since initially we touched, your arms were the most popular place being, you will still send chills up my spine, while you’re caressing me. So here’s something I think we needed very much, because among life’s simple pleasures, is touch.

3. HEARING – Sentimental Mixed tape

I got sentimental making him a classic school ‘mixed tape’! It’s been quite some time since I’ve burned him a cd, so I compiled a variety of songs that hold special meaning to us. I tried to prevent a bunch of sappy love songs since I knew he’d NEVER wish to listen to it, so I included songs for the radio that reminded me of him, and songs we partied to at our wedding! Other ideas I stumbled upon for hear” included headphones or iTunes gift cards.

4. TASTE – Edible Body Massage Oil

What guy doesn’t love anything related to getting or giving massages. In fact, add in some snacks and you also just came up with perfect scenario for approximately 99% from the male population. So why not get him something that can taste as effective as it feels?

The edible body massage oil will come in fun flavours which are the perfect gift idea for just about any guy. Although these essential oils lubricate and relax one’s body, he’s only going being interested in a very important factor. He is either going to be licking the oil from you, or perhaps you are licking them back him, basically a win-win situation for this guy.

This is an ideal gift idea to take that relationship towards the next level and keeping that man smiling for a lot of days and nights into the future.

5. SMELL – Massage Candle

We love lighting candles around the house. They set the mood with nice lighting and smell great. I also included a massage candle to select the massage table gift. Another addition, bath salts for any lavender bubble bath $5 – Target. I was also considering a bath bomb, but I desired to fill the tub with bubbles instead.

This massage candle was $15 from Amazon Kama Sutra Candle and smells WONDERFUL

Woodwick candles are the most popular. The smell is fantastic, they last a long time as well as the wick actually sounds like a hearth crackling. It’s very relaxing!

Secret notes to add:

You’re always so romantic, lighting candles everywhere. Let this gift set the atmosphere tonight, with new aromas inside air. Then, I’ll meet you in the bathroom where bubbles fill the tub, we’ll de-stress together with something I thought will be fun.

Packaging and Wrapping

After gotten the ideas, I picked up some funky coloured gift bags at the dollar store, and labelled each with 1 of the 5 senses. Next, you start filling the bags with any item(s) that fit each ‘sense’. I found tons of inspiration on Pinterest, and it’s really easy to customize each gift to suit your significant other!

I can’t wait to see how my boyfriend likes his 5 senses gift! Valentines day is just inevitable and I couldn’t be excited. I hope you’re able some thing special for your family members this holiday 🙂