Best Gifts For Teachers in the Elementary School Classroom

Looking for the best gifts for teachers? You are in luck: there are many options for inexpensive gifts that teachers love. Here are some gift ideas for teachers, you can enjoy:

* An adorable personalized key chain is one of the best gifts for teachers.

A key chain with a picture of a pom-pom, a smiley face, or a cute saying about being a teacher number one is a cute gift idea that will surely get plenty of smiling looks from the kids.

Most teachers either do not require any more key chains, hand sanitizer bottles, or desk signs, however. So, the same applies to other items with funny sayings or apple logos.

* Personalized desk accessories make great teacher gifts as well. They include pencils, pens, notebooks, and highlighters.

Teachers appreciate novelty items that remind them of their work as much as practical supplies.

A desk calendar for example is an inexpensive teacher desk accessory that can be personalized by printing a nice lesson plan out or including a picture of a pom-pom. You can also buy a set of custom desk accessories that include a desk clock, pen stand, and paper clip holders.

* A travel tote bag is also a great teacher gift because it can be used throughout the year.

Teachers can use them to bring notes and supplies from class to the home, to give lunch to students in the classroom, or take notes and do homework at home. They can also hold personal items such as a cellphone or iPod and keep them out of the classroom or office.

This is especially useful for those who move around a lot because they don’t have a car to carry their student’s books around. A great tote bag will last for several years so you’ll always have one handy when you need it.

* For those who enjoy coffee, you can always purchase a coffee mug that includes some teacher appreciation quotes or a sticker that has their photo on it. You can even get one with the school colors or the logo of the class. You can’t go wrong with coffee mugs as gifts for teachers and they will definitely appreciate the gesture.

* There are many types of unique gifts for teachers, but one that is certainly appreciated is a desk organizer. These are extremely helpful in the classroom because they keep all of the supplies organized and in their place.

In addition, these organizers come with locks so the desk doesn’t get thrown around in the classroom. Your elementary school teacher may particularly appreciate a desk organizer because she will be able to find the materials she needs quickly without struggling with a large supply of materials.