5 Sensory Gifts For Her This Christmas

If you have never heard about the five senses gift ideas, it relates to giving gifts that stimulate or represent the five senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. These five senses have been meant for lovers forever but nowadays people also give this idea of gifts to individuals without any sexual intentions.

The five senses are not only useful in our daily lives but they are also a part of a person’s soul. So it makes sense to use these senses when you gift someone. This article will show you five senses gift ideas.

The car air freshener is one of the five senses gift ideas you can give to anyone no matter what their age.

If you want to freshen up your car and you don’t want to spend money on buying an aftermarket one, consider buying the car freshener from a reputable store. They have a wide range of air fresheners suitable for almost all makes and models of cars. This gift box can be an absolute necessity for anyone who drives a car that requires some extra care on the road.

Smelling is definitely one of the five senses gift ideas.

Whether you love someone very sweet, or you’re trying to console someone who is depressed, the smell of their favorite scented candle can soothe your loved one and get them back to enjoying life.

You can choose from a wide range of aromas including floral, pine, pineapple, jasmine, gardenia, lavender, and more. Candles are great because they last a long time and the scent never fades.

If you know the recipient loves flowers then you should go for a floral arrangement with lotus, lily of the valley, lotus, or roses as the main flowers. Or if you know that the recipient prefers fruits and vegetables you can choose something like a gourmet herbs gift basket or a gourmet vegetables basket.

E-books are one of the five senses gifts that can give a person lots of pleasure.

Most e-books have been designed using natural materials making it a safe gift for anyone. You can choose from romance books, kid’s books, mysteries, cookbooks, history, and education books, self help and much more. With a wide range of e-books to choose from you can easily find a romantic gift idea for the special someone.

Another one of the great five senses gift ideas for Christmas is chocolates.

Chocolates can be used in many different ways but the most popular way is by giving them to your boyfriend as a Christmas gift. Whether you buy him a plain chocolate bar, flavored chocolates, chocolate truffles, or even gourmet chocolate truffles, your boyfriend will definitely love these chocolates.

A chocolate box is also a great idea for a Christmas gift for a boyfriend as it not only contains the chocolates but also a card and a note that say how much he means to you.

In closing I want to mention some other great five senses gift ideas for her.

Flowers are a very beautiful gift and whether you buy her an arrangement or a bouquet you can do it yourself.

Try a flower bouquet with calla lilies. Your girlfriend will be touched when you think of her and then buy her flowers whenever you go on a trip. Flowers can be a very personal kind of gift and she will definitely love seeing them all around.