How to Make a Perfect Headboard For Your Bedroom

If you’ve got a perfectly adequate bedstead but wish to jazz things up with a fresh look, an economical yet chic DIY headboard scheme to update your bedroom is a great way to rejuvenate your space. From cloth panels hung from the ceiling above your bed to clever storage solutions, which double up as a headboard too, there’s always a DIY and re-decorating DIY plan out there for your bedroom. But beware, it might not be what you’re expecting. The last thing you want is to spend loads of money on an item that doesn’t meet your requirements. It’s best to go for a quality product that will last for years.

Woodworking ideas for DIY headboards may sound simple enough but it’s easier said than done! In this case, it requires some precise planning and measuring skills, not to mention knowledge of woodworking terminology like measurements and odd numbers. Your plans must include detailed information about the length, width, slats (the wood panels), height and angle of each slat. Measuring your bed is not that difficult. All you need to do is get a tape measure and mark the spots you intend to put your new headboard.

The first step is to choose a design that matches the existing theme and color of your room. To add more life to an old headboard or to brighten up a dull corner, think of ways to incorporate new fabrics or other accents in the same design theme. A great idea would be to find a curtain that matches the existing theme. This can easily be achieved by checking out stores or even online for some inspiration. For example, to match a black and white bedroom with a lace headboard and window treatment, one can use faux velvet curtains. Another option is to use solid velvet curtains and just tie back the ends with some ribbon or tissue.

After finding a design or style that suits your needs, the next step would be to decide how to install your DIY headboards. The easiest way would be to measure and take a photograph of your bed, your existing upholstery fabric or any other upholstery item you wish to install. You can download these photos and get step-by-step instructions over the Internet. These instructions will guide you through everything from measuring your existing furniture to preparing your fabric and upholstery.

Before starting to cut your fabric headboard or purchasing a ready-made one, read the instruction carefully. If there are any instructions that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask questions. It is better to be safe than sorry. Most woodworking websites have a toll free telephone number where you can call to ask questions. Even if you are able to get a hold of someone in-charge, it doesn’t hurt to ask questions until you are sure that all your questions have been answered.

Before attaching any fabric headboards to your existing furniture, make sure that your new piece of furniture will fit in the spot where the existing piece of furniture will go. You may need to relocate some of your existing furniture so that you can see how the day headboard will fit. Some pieces of furniture are very thin, while others are large. If the new piece of furniture is too big for the existing piece of furniture, the day headboard will either not hang properly or won’t hold the fabric in place.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you may also try looking for DIY instructions at the local flea markets and home improvement stores. There are always people who are selling either old but beautiful furniture or ones that need to be updated. This is where you can really dive into learning how to make a perfect headboard for your bed. It’s better to get some great ideas up front so that you can focus on making something instead of trying to find good instructions.

A beautiful day tufted headboard can easily be made with just about any fabric. The only thing that you need is a pattern. Try shopping around at the flea markets and home improvement stores for some ideas of what is available. You can find some beautiful fabric at your local sewing store as well. Once you’ve made your beautiful diy headboard using fabric, you can decorate it yourself by using decorative buttons, ribbon or lace to finish it off.

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