Headbands. Constantly perfect for dressing up a dull attire, concealing a bad hair day, or merely keeping your ears warm. I delighted to share an easy tutorial for this knotted headband. Delight in!


1. Select fabric. You will desire your material to have a bit of flexibility to it so it will stretch and fit conveniently. I found some stretchy material that was likewise rather thick. I wanted my headband to be thick enough to act more like ear warmers. Perfect for winter!
2. Measure your head and deduct 2 inches. Then cut two pieces that length and 6 inches broad.
3. Fold hot pet dog design and stitch long sides together. Turn right side out.
4. Lay one piece on top of the other to form a cross.
5. Select up both ends of one piece and lift.
6. Pull the ends of both pieces in opposite instructions.
7. Overlap each end so that all 4 layers are on top of each other and sew along edge.
8. Pull right side out so that the unfinished edge deals with in.
9. Place on head. You look cute.