How To Fix Peeling or Chipped Veneer

If you’ve ever passed-up a fantastic piece of furniture due to peeling or broke veneer– this post is for you! It’s a common issue with older furnishings. Vintage pieces get exposed to heat, humidity, or the really worst– water. The glue holding the veneer starts to release and this leads to chips, blisters or peeling.


With a piece like this, I would typically cut it off and fill it in, but I wish to reveal you how easy it is to glue veneer down. A glue repair works best if you have a piece of veneer that’s a specific fit and compares with the existing grain.

If it’s not a match– do not glue! If you do, it will be impossible to stain– well– incredibly tough. And even if you decide to paint, frequently the difference in grain produces a blotchy looking paint job.


Utilize a good wood glue. Here I used a Lee Valley Cabinetry Glue. When I desire a short dry time, Contact Cement works nicely too. Simply understand when utilizing Contact Cement, there’s no versatility. Getting the pieces to join completely very first time around is necessary since that stuff will not release!

Be generous with the glue. I’m generous with the glue and I use a small toothpick so I can spread it right into all the nooks and crannies of the repair. Then I push down with my fingers. Clean the excess glue away, and then clamp or weight down until the glue is absolutely dry.


Anything that can be pulled up with a razor or sharp utility knife is best cut away. I score the veneer well above the damage where the glue is still holding. Then flake off the old cracking area.

When all the damaged veneer is gotten rid of, I like to use this All-purpose Putty for the repairs. It doesn’t shrink like wood filler can. It also dries faster than wood filler does. Nevertheless, it’s not the simplest to sand and it’s smelly.

Sanding is the last action. To get a professional finish, I sand to an incredibly smooth finish and make certain I feel no lumps or bumps when I run my turn over the surface area.

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