DIY Garden Ideas – Why Using A Ladder Plant Stand Is A Good Idea

If you love to plant and grow plants at home, then maybe a ladder plant stand would be a good idea for your next garden makeover. With this type of stand, you can have a better view of the crops that you are growing or just simply use it as an additional support for your other garden tools and equipment. There are many different types of these stands available in hardware stores, garden centers, and even online. You should know though that not all of them are very sturdy so it is important that you know how to choose the best one that would suit your needs.

One of the best ladder plant stands that you can choose from are those that have slats instead of platforms. This means that it will be higher up than what other stands offer. Aside from being able to reach higher areas, you will also find this type of stand is portable. With this, you do not have to put too much effort in moving it around your garden. And since you will be able to use it whenever you need to, you will definitely have a lot more enjoyment in harvesting your crops and hanging them on it.

Another factor that you should look at when buying this type of stand is its size. It should be big enough so you can comfortably rest it on your window sills or any flat surface inside your house. Aside from that, you should also make sure that the ladder is stable so you can use it without worrying that it might fall down. For this reason, you should choose one that has a built-in footrest. This will ensure that you can place your egress onto the ladder anytime you feel like leaning it against a wall without fear of it falling down.

When choosing this type of ladder plant stand, you should consider the visual appeal. As mentioned earlier, this type of stand will provide you with a venue where you can plant your greenery without worrying about it getting destroyed by the ladder. Thus, you should go for a plant that can complement the overall look of your garden. This means that it should be able to match the texture and the color of your soil and rocks. If it does not match, it will just look incongruous and out of place in your garden.

One factor that you have to keep in mind when choosing this type of stand is the flexibility of its support system. You should make sure that it comes with hinges in order for you to be able to easily move it around your plants. In most cases, it is placed on top of the soil. But if you prefer, you can also plant it on top of a rock or a small pebble.

One good thing about this type of ladder plant stand is its simplicity. It has a very simple design that only requires minimal maintenance. You can simply wipe its dirt with a wet cloth after every watering. In fact, you do not even have to worry about repainting it every now and then. You simply just have to give it a coat of primer and then paint it using a primer color. You can always make it blend with the color of your soil.

As mentioned earlier, it can be placed anywhere in your garden but it is best planted in areas where it can receive the most direct sunlight. The best spot is in the center of your garden. In addition, you have to make sure that the stand is placed away from other ladder stands. Otherwise, it will only be a hindrance to your efforts of making your garden look beautiful.

These are just some of the things that you should remember when planning to have a ladder plant stand in your backyard. You may also opt to have other ornamental features like fountains or sand boxes. However, the main feature of this product is its ability to provide a nice backdrop for your gardening activity. That is why it is a great idea to have this type of structure near your house.

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