How to Make Your Own Fruit Fly Trap

Want to make a fruit fly trap? If you have seen one in action, they are definitely the creepiest creatures around. They’re like winged insects, floating in the jar with your food. Don’t worry though, because their entire life cycle won’t take more than an hour. Here’s how to make a fruit fly trap.

First, you need to mix together a solution composed mainly of water and apple cider vinegar. The water and vinegar solution will serve as a natural sludge for the fruit flies. The idea is that the fruit flies won’t eat the apple cider vinegar since it’s a natural sludge. It also serves as a safety measure so that no one gets too close to the trap. Mix together four cups apple cider vinegar, two cups water, and a half cup of salt.

Next, you’ll want to create a hole in the lid of the plastic container. Drill a few holes in the lid and then stick a dowel in the hole. Now you can place your plastic trap in the hole. The dowel should be buried about halfway into the plastic. Once the dowel is in place, you can tighten the lid. This is how to make a fruit fly trap DIY.

Now if you want to learn how to make a fruit fly trap DIY, you can go out and buy one or purchase a ready-made one. A pre-made trap is much cheaper and you won’t have to worry about making it yourself. However, if you’re a handyman or woman, you can probably just purchase the materials to make one at your local home improvement store. To get started with your project, all you will need is some aluminum foil, a jar, some water, food, air, and fruit flies.

One way to make your homemade fruit fly trap DIY is by using dish soap. All you have to do is take about a cup of dish soap, put it in a plastic wrap, then zip up the plastic wrap and stick it in the hole. After this is in place, you can add a few pieces of food that are in the refrigerator. When this is done, put the lid on the dish soap. Now all you have to do is wait for the insects to come rolling in. Over time, you should see the dish soap attract the fruit flies.

Another way to make your homemade fruit fly trap DIY is by using dish soap along with some water. To do this, you need to purchase some dish soap at your local discount store. Then, put about a cup of water in a zip up plastic wrap and then stick it in the hole of the dish soap. You can then add some food and wait for the flies to come rolling in. Over time, you should see the dish soap attracting the fruit flies.

A third way to make your homemade fruit fly trap DIY is by using a jar and a lid. To do this, you will need to buy a jar that is large enough for the size of your homemade trap and then buy some lids to put over the top of the jar. Place the lid on the jar and then draw up some air tightness in the area where the trap is going to be placed. Put some paper towels or rakes on the bottom area of the lid to catch fruit flies that might land onto the trap. To get an even better result, you might want to put a newspaper on the bottom and then place a slice of lemon inside the box of the trap.

You now have three different ways to make your own DIY fly traps. The method that you choose will depend upon the level of success that you are hoping to get out of your system. Both of these methods should be able to help you get rid of those pesky flying pests. Just remember that pest control should always be done with a caution. If you do not fully understand how harmful some of these flies are, then it is strongly suggested that you leave pest control up to a professional pest control expert.