Mushy Gifts to Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Alive

Buying a gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend during the holidays is a great idea, but it can be tricky to find something that will please both of you. These mushy gifts aren’t just for couples, though. You can buy them for friends, family members, and even parents. There are many things to consider, from stuffed animals and photo books to personalised greeting cards and candles.

Stuffed animals

If your long-distance relationship is a bittersweet one, stuffed animals can help you maintain a connection. These cute, cuddly creatures are great to hug and remind you of home. You can also consider getting a pet camera to keep the bond with your furry friend alive. You’ll never have to worry about the doggie escaping and getting lost while you’re apart.

When considering what gifts to buy for your partner, make sure it’s something that your SO will love. Also, try to send frequent gifts to keep your long-distance relationship alive. Flowers are the perfect gift, and people love receiving seasonal flowers, especially if they’ve never experienced them in person. Each month features a new type of floral. This way, your SO can feel that the love you share with her is still present, even if you’re far apart.

Photo books

One way to keep your long-distance relationship going strong is to send your partner a personalized photo book of your favorite moments. If you don’t have the time to create a full book, use a service like Shutterfly to create a personalized book online. You can then edit your photos, add text and graphics, and print as many copies as you would like. The photo book can document your romantic getaways or events together, making it a great keepsake.

If you’d rather send a gift without making a big deal of it, you can always choose something small, like handprint note cards. You can add a personal message describing your relationship, or give the recipient a funny card referencing inside jokes. Another idea is to send a romantic photo keychain, personalized with images of the two of you. Alternatively, you can buy a frame and fill it with countless digital photos.

If your long-distance relationship is especially challenging, you can give your partner a photo book of your long-distance love story. The book contains words of affirmation and love and is perfect for long distance relationships. It will also remind your partner that you’re thinking about them, even if you’re not together. There’s something romantic about receiving a letter in the mail.

Giving a live plant is another good way to keep your long-distance relationship going strong. These gifts can help purify the air, boost moods, and liven up any space. You could even give an orchid as a gift for your long-distance lover. The recipient will be delighted and touched by the gesture. Moreover, a plant can also last for many years if it’s taken care of properly.

Despite the difficulties, long-distance relationships are not impossible. You just have to take the right steps to ensure that your partner never misses your presence. Whether you’re going on a romantic getaway together, or just want to keep your long-distance relationship going, there’s always a way to express your affection. And why not try an adorable gift?

Personalized greeting cards

Sending cards to your BAE may seem like a simple way to show your love, but sending them can be sentimental and heartwarming. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion, cards can make someone’s day instantly brighter. For a heartwarming and romantic message, consider sending a card that tells a love story. You can order a long-distance card from places like Copper & Linen, which offer cards with painted outlines of countries and states.

Personalized greeting cards also make great gifts. Men, in particular, appreciate the old-fashioned gesture of receiving letters from their girlfriends. Try to include a picture of the two of you with a poem or special message. Personalized photo cds are also a great idea for long-distance relationships. Men can enjoy a nice picture of their partner and can keep the card in their bedroom or office.

If you want to send your significant other a personalized card without the cost of shipping, there are a few options available. One company, Tellinga, creates personalized art for long-distance relationships for free. Their services are funded by advertisements printed on eco-friendly cards. Besides creating a beautiful postcard, Tellinga also raises funds for charities such as post-traumatic stress disorder and breast cancer research. In addition to this, the company will email your loved one a high-resolution digital print and send it to them for free.

Besides giving your long-distance partner a personalized card, you can even use them to express the things they miss most. You can include quotes and scripture verses from your favorite writers, or share funny memories. If you’re not able to send a real gift, you can fill the card with your favorite treats. Moreover, you can even make your card surprise your long-distance partner by including an inside joke or two.

Personalized greeting cards are an excellent way to keep your long-distance relationship afloat. With a beautiful framed map print, you’ll be able to remind them that your love has survived the distance between you two. The gold foil on the black background of the map makes it look elegant. The print is ready for gifting, and they’re even available in 29 different scents.


You can use creative gifts to keep your long-distance relationship burning. Long-distance relationships bring out your vulnerable side and a thoughtful gift will elevate your feelings and attitude towards your partner. Whether it’s a candle or a sweet postcard, gifts are the perfect way to keep the flame of your love alive. Keeping the flame of your relationship alive takes extra effort, but small gestures can make a huge difference.

You can continue traditions, such as cooking dinner together, even if you’re far apart. You can also light candles to light the ambiance and spark intimacy. It’s impossible to be together all the time, but you can use candles and surprise visits to keep the spark alive. You can also try cooking together and lighting candles to remind your partner of how much you miss each other. Candlelight dinners are great ways to show your partner how much you care and love them, no matter where you live.

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