Two Hot Dessert Recipes That Will Have Your Guests Begging For More

Are you looking for some easy dessert recipe ideas? There are so many great ideas out there. You can easily lose track. It can be very hard to pick one. If you want to find out what you should be making on a regular basis, you will want to take a look at these quick ideas. They are sure to get you into the kitchen cooking and enjoying some great tasting desserts.

When it comes to easy dessert recipes, most people will think of a couple of store-bought ones. There is nothing wrong with that. After all, we are used to those types of cakes. However, you can easily create your own store-bought cakes by just changing up the ingredients and then baking them.

There is no need to buy a whole pie or several cookies. You do not need to stress about desserts going bad or needing to throw away leftover food. These easy dessert recipes are simply the right size for one person to enjoy and they are delicious! Your biggest problem will probably be choosing which dessert to bake first!

The most popular easy dessert recipe involves mixing in some meringue and mixing in a cookie crust. This is definitely one of the easiest ways to put a delicious dessert together. All you need for this recipe is a cookie crust, meringue, eggs and sugar. What makes this recipe so versatile is the fact that you can use different types of cookie crusts. For instance, if you would like to create a classic French treat, then you will want to use a French pastry crust.

Another popular easy dessert recipe calls for mixing in some cakes mixed with some custard and whipped cream. Again, this is a great way to impress family and friends. You can make a peanut butter cake or you can make a chocolate marshmallow cake. Another great recipe called hot fudge sponge involves mixing in some marshmallows and hot fudge sauce. This recipe is great for any special occasions because you can add whatever flavor you want instead of chocolate.

If you happen to find yourself with a little more time than you would like to spend preparing dessert, you might want to consider trying some delicious easy dessert recipes such as the ones that involve fruit. One of these recipes involves using bananas and putting them in a pan with some melted ice cream and then placing this mixture on top of a frozen cereal bowl. Next, you will add some whipped cream and some sprinkles of fresh fruit and you have a scrumptious dessert. This is one of the easiest of the fruit dessert recipes out there and it tastes great.

If you are looking for a dessert that everyone should enjoy, look no further than banana splits. There are several different recipes out there but the most delicious way to prepare these split desserts is by using a banana split recipe cookbook or you can even use a food processor to do the preparation for you. You will first want to take the bananas and cut them into halves. Then, you will want to place the half cut banana in your freezer. Once frozen, you will want to clean out the freezer and remove the banana. Next, you will want to mix the frozen bananas with a food processor until you have a smooth consistency.

Now, you will want to add your coffee and orange juice to this mixture and stir until everything is blended. Then, you will want to pour this mixture into an unbreakable bowl and then place in the freezer until you are ready to serve. An easy dessert recipe that will impress just about anyone is one that can be made within a fifteen minute time frame. The ingredients that you will need are only other items that you may already have in your home such as chocolate pudding mix, milk, flour, and butter.

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