How To Make Your Own DIY Ice Cream Cake

Do you ever get tired of eating ice cream every time you visit the family ice cream stand? Perhaps it is because you never really know what you are getting or the quality will be less than par. By incorporating some other delicious ingredients, you can easily make an ice cream cake that is not only tasty but also nutritious.


One idea for a dip ice cream cake is to create a fudge frosting for the cake and some dark chocolate fudge for the base of the cake. By adding only a few other healthy ingredients, you will be very surprised at how easy this amazing ice cream cake is to make. This dessert will not only impress those who taste it but will also leave your family and friends wondering why they never tried this delicious cake before. In addition to being easier than a standard ice cream recipe, this fudge layered cake lends itself very well to playing around with different fun flavor combinations.


To begin, you will need to gather some basic ready-made frosting recipes. These recipes usually include both cream and heavy cream, which tend to melt at room temperature. Next, you will need to gather some of your favorite fruits, cheeses, and candy pieces. By doing this, you can make a variety of toppings to accompany your cake so that no one person is left asking, “What were you thinking?”


If you are making a simple freezer dessert such as an ice-cream sandwich, you will simply want to add all of your favorite toppings and spread them evenly on the cake. However, if you are making something a little more elaborate, such as a fudge cake, you may choose to put sprinkles on it instead. Simply use the sprinkles to add color to the cake. Another great way to add variety in your dessert is to use different types of sprinkles. For example, you might find that a combination of chocolate and peanut butter looks fabulous or a combination of chocolate and cinnamon looks rather unique.


After your cake is frosted and spread with your favorite toppings, you can begin decorating it with some beautiful and easy-to-follow frosting recipes. The first step is to simply take the basic wax paper and outline the cake with a crayon pattern. Once this is done, you can choose to draw on the cake with either a hot glue gun or a hot wax pencil. To add a little flare to your design, try drawing on the cake with an ordinary pencil and adding the frosting as you draw.


If you have an old 9-inch pan that you would like to use for your DIY ice cream cakes, you can place it on your oven’s heating element to bake it. To avoid burning your hands when removing the pan from the oven, take your time to carefully remove the metal prongs that hold the pan in place. Take special care not to drop any of the wax paper onto the hot metal grates below! Once the pan has cooled completely, you can now frost it with any type of design or theme that you want.


To make a larger cake, you can use two plastic wrap cakes that are about the same size as your springform pan. Cut a small square on one of the sides and glue a flat strip of wax paper to the square and tape the other side down as the foundation for your cake. Now you can decorate the cake with the plastic wrap as described above. If you want to decorate the cake in a unique and less traditional way, place a piece of tulle on the base of the tulle. Tulle adds a soft and breezy look to the cake.


To make a smaller springform pan that you can freeze and decorate is a bit more complicated. The first thing you will want to do is place the frozen square of cake on top of the plastic wrap the other side of the cake with a darker colored and flimsy material such as fondant. Then you simply thread the bottom of the springform pan through the opening in the bottom of the tulle and through the other hole in the bottom. Attach a thin piece of twine to the other end of the twine and you now have a lovely looking ice cream dessert that can be decorated in many different ways.