How to Make Face Mask – Step by Step Instructions

So you want to learn how to make a face mask? I’ve done lots of research and I’ve discovered a few great ideas that you might like. I’m guessing that most of them will involve food. So let’s get to it!


You can make a simple DIY no-sew-face mask using some old clothing or a scrap of fabric, especially if you’re trying to get that “one-hand” look. If you’re trying for something “new”, use hair ties (bands are fine) to tie your hair up. It’s really simple and if you can sew, it’s a snap.


To prepare the face mask for cutting, pull apart the fabric strips in half. Use a hot iron (or even just your hand, although it will take a little longer) to spread the material apart until you have about a quarter inch of material left. You can also press some paper towels to harden the material if you want. If you’re using fabric strips, cut them in half crosswise. Fold the strips in half and hold them together in one strip along the length of your head, securing each strip with safety pins. Now all you have left is the mask itself:


So here’s how to make face mask patterns… To begin, you will need a large piece of solid white fabric or a contrasting color, a few small pieces of fabric, safety pins, scissors and a sewing machine. The amount of materials you need will depend on how big your face is. If you’re working on a small item such as a badge, you will not need as much fabric. Once you have gathered your supplies, follow the instructional tutorial included with your machine.


When learning how to make DIY face masks, the most important tool you will need is the face punch, a metal pointed needle with a long tip. It is advisable to use a blunt needle for face punches because they are less likely to leave marks on the face than sharp needles. The best way to test the punch is to put a few drops of your homemade facial mask on your hand and press it against your face. If there is no smoke or any visible mark on your skin, you are ready to start cutting.


To get started with this DIY tutorial, take the time to carefully read through the instructions. It should include not only the equipment you will need, but also a detailed explanation of how to make face masks using the appropriate fabric, face piercing and the tools you will need to complete the project. When you have located your manual, open it to page one. The instructions will guide you through the steps in detail.


Once you have the manual, remove any covers on your mask, such as bandages, gauze or plastic adhesive tapes. The next step is to gather your supplies: thread, scissors, face masks, masking tape, hair ties or elastic bands, fabric strips, scissors, safety pins and safety glasses. Since you will be working with a fairly large area, it is advisable to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes.


Now it is time to cut the outline of your face using the masking tape. Be careful not to cut yourself or poke holes in your skin, as these can cause potential infections. Once the outline is done, stretch your fabric strips and tie them together at the corners. Make sure you secure the excess fabric to ensure that the mask does not slip when you apply pressure. You should now put your elastic bands around the edges of your face mask. Finally, attach the mask and hair ties or elastic bands to your face.