Add Flavor to Your Everyday Scrub With DIY Body Scrub Coffee

One of the most popular and most useful items in the world right now is the DIY Body Scrub. Used by thousands all over the world as a way to keep their skin soft and fresh, nothing is better than a warm refreshing soak in a nice smelling bath. But unfortunately the only way to really enjoy it is by making your own homemade version at home.


I’ve seen many recipes online where someone has used coffee grounds and created a great foam soap. Usually these soaps have a nice scent, and are good for washing your face but I wanted to show you how easy and cheap it is to make your own DIY coffee brown sugar body scrub. The coffee grounds can easily be bought from a health food store or supermarket, and you just need to purchase some olive oil, brown sugar, and water.


To start you need to get out some good quality olive oil. It’s best to use premium olive oil as this will give it a much better effect. You don’t need to buy expensive olive oil, any of the cheaper brands will do just fine. Put about a tablespoon of olive oil into your container and add a half a cup of water. Also add a couple of drops of essential herb oil, and a quarter cup of hot water.


Mix this together using your mixer. Once mixed simply pour it into your molds. If it’s necessary, place the olive oil and water mixture into a freezer for a few minutes to soften it. Once this is done you can simply pour this mixture into your molds, or even onto the bathroom shelf to use as soap. These soap mixtures will harden once they’re in the freezer, so adding a few drops of essential oils will soften them even more.


Once you have your scrubs ready, you can begin to use them. Simply apply the soap to your skin as needed. This is a very versatile method of creating different colored scrubs, and you can even use different scents if you wish. I personally use an orange on my chest and back, and pink on my feet and calves. A great tip when using any type of soap or scum mixture is to apply the mixture to your palms first. This will soften the soap and open up your pores for better absorption.


Once you’ve applied all of your scrubs the only thing left to do is to let them dry up. To do this you should set up a pot of water on your stove. Pour in enough hot water to fully soak your towels and mix them together. Once you have done this you simply pour them into your ramekin and let them sit for about an hour before you rinse them off.


This is a very easy process and can be done in just a few minutes. As long as you remember to mix the soap and warm water you shouldn’t have any issues. Once you are finished rinsing off your DIY body scrub mixture you will want to gently squeeze out the excess water. Then you can either dry it with a towel or air dry it. You will find that this soap will leave your skin feeling great, and you can apply it to other parts of your body as well if you like.


If you are looking to get a great DIY body scrub, then you need to consider the benefits of making them yourself. There are many recipes available to you, and you can choose one that works well for you. The best part about making these products is that they are also very inexpensive. If you add ingredients such as coffee or oranges you can really increase the cost, however this doesn’t make them any less effective in the end. If you have never used a DIY body scrub coffee or orange flavor scrubs then you should give them a try as soon as possible!

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