DIY Haunted Halloween Decorations For Fun at Home

The holidays are upon us again, and if you’re a crafter then you know that creating DIY Halloween decorations is the perfect way to spend some time with your kids. Who doesn’t love a good Halloween costume or some spooky handmade crafts? Halloween is probably the most popular outdoor holiday in the United States, but it’s also one of the easiest. All you need is a little imagination and you can create whatever you want from a simple candle to a spectacular centerpiece for any door.

Why not start with the basics, like creating your own DIY Halloween decorations? For starters, if you’ve never done this type of project before then it can be intimidating. It’s really not that hard, though. Simply pick out which season you want to celebrate, whether it’s early October or late September, and then get to work. You can create simple crafts for every member of the family or you may want to get more elaborate and fill the year with horror stories and scary crafts. The choice is yours!

A great place to start is to create Halloween decor to use on your front door. Many people choose to go with traditional ghosts and pumpkins for the exterior design of their home, but you don’t have to stick to these cookie-cutter designs. Create something unique that will fit well into your front yard, patio, or walkway design. Here are three diy Halloween decorations that you can create to give that extra Halloween flare to your front door:

Ghost and pumpkins are always great DIY Halloween decorations. What’s better than a spooky and ghostly door stepping onto your front lawn, welcoming in the season? Here are a few more pumpkin any ideas that you might like to try:

Creating cute and adorable mummy pets is one of the top Halloween ideas around. Why not take your creativity to a new level and make handmade, creepy and exciting mason jars that your little ghost, ghoul, or witch can crawl into? Use black construction paper to create a square or circle that will house your tiny friend. You can decorate the inside of the jar with stickers, paint, or markers. Your child can even add accessories like fishing line and fake fishing bait to make the pet even more lifelike.

Trick-or-treaters love to share! Create unique and fun diy Halloween decorations using glow sticks and white or yellow boards as a place to hang treats. These luminaries can be placed around your yard or along your walkway for a creative touch. Place luminaries in the middle of your yard where everyone can see them and play a game to win prizes from the luminaries!

Have your children help you make unique diy Halloween decorations using pumpkins. First, remove the gourds from their containers and set them in a bowl of water. Let the gourds soak for about an hour so they can get plump. Then, use a spray bottle filled with water and white paint to paint the gourd. You can draw funny faces on the pumpkins, draw a face for each ghost or Jack-O-Lantern, or just leave them as they are. Make sure you use bright colored paint and markers to draw and color the pumpkins in the most unique and creative way possible.

Create unique and practical diy Halloween decorations by using dollar store materials. First, you will need red and green construction paper, a variety of assorted craft items such as construction paper, scissors, glue, ribbon, a variety of buttons, small elastic bands, and some safety pins or ribbon that you cut into squares. Then, take all of the materials and place them on a large piece of cardboard. Print out several pictures of scary faces, pumpkins, candy pumpkins, monsters, holiday decorations, and more from the dollar store so your kids can put these together to make their own Halloween home decorations.