DIY Coffee Table – Make it Your Own

The DIY coffee table is so versatile, it is a must have for your home. I like to use my coffee tables in different ways depending on where I am going to be entertaining. If I am at friends’ houses, or on vacations, I might want to use my coffee tables as an extra counter or even a small table to eat breakfast on. Here are a few more ideas for using your DIY coffee tables.

A wooden coffee table can also be used as a coffee area in a guest bedroom. If you don’t have the room for a larger living room table, this is a perfect choice for your guest room. You can store small items here like pens, keys, or books and have somewhere to put your drinks when you don’t have guests. Some cool my coffee table plans have pretty cool, neat styles with storage space too. Some even have drawers for magazines or books you want to lay out on the floor!

You can use your wooden diy coffee table for more than just coffee, cakes, or snacks. With a little creativity, you can use your table as an end table, buffet, side table, or a drink cooler. An end table is great for holding candles or other decorative centerpieces, while you are reading a book or magazine. A buffet table would be great for displaying cookware or serving food. A side table can be used to set up a small entertainment system while you and your friends or family are having drinks at the bar.

Glass tops are not uncommon on diy coffee tables. The top can be glass with a see through bottom shelf to display flowers or candles. Most of the time the glass top will be made of clear plastic or other clear material. It is a very modern look that fits in with any type of living room or bedroom. One perk about having a glass top shelf is no one will ever know you were sitting on a “top shelf”, unless you tell them.

If you decide to go with a mid-century diy coffee table you can get one with a wood veneer finish or stain. Some people choose to go with the more natural wood grain stains such as cherry or walnut stain. This adds an elegant, yet simple look to the room decor.

Decorating with wood coffee tables can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. Many people choose a very simple look with just a few intricate details like cutouts of animals, birds or people. Others prefer to go all out with lots of detail on the veneer top. If you are using a lower shelf as your diy coffee table this works best with a natural wood finish. You can still paint the wood but the stain will not come loose since it is glued on and not nailed down.

Some woodworkers choose to build a standard single piece coffee table by purchasing a wooden frame and then drilling and screwing in the wood pre-cut to a wooden bottom shelf. Then they make a single piece out of the remaining two pieces of wood. This is a nice idea if you plan on getting into home improvement projects where you will have to cut and glue individual pieces together. These are especially nice when building birdhouses or something similar that requires a lot of hand work. It makes it easy for any do-it-yourself woodworker who doesn’t mind doing a little extra work to help save money.

A diy coffee table does not have to be made from solid lumber. In fact, there are some beautiful woodworking pieces that are made from salvaged materials. If you are someone who likes to collect vintage items and find new pieces to add to your collection, you may want to check out the selection available on eBay. You can find just about any piece imaginable, from a square coffee table to a wooden sideboard. Woodworking is not always about practicality, it can be about style and adding your own personal touch.

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