Origami Boxes – Easy and Effective Home Storage Options

Origami boxes are great for practicing origami and teaching children how to create simple patterns. There are many different origami patterns you can use to make an origami box. One that is especially easy is the heart pattern. If you are looking to start with this origami project, you will want to get a large, smooth piece of cardboard. Make sure that the cardboard is straight; a little crooked here and there will not be easy for the child to see the picture inside.


Instructions for making an origami box with lid are very simple. Start by making a rectangle piece of cardboard that is as wide as your box is tall. Step 2: Fold one end of the rectangular piece of cardboard in half. Then fold the two sides in half, and unfold the sides once again.


The next step for making origami box with lid is to cut a thick, square sheet of clear plastic from the same color as your box’s main color. You can paint or airbrush this plastic to have a different look or color than the main origami box. The paint or airbrush the square sheet in the color of your origami box.


After you have painted or stained the square sheet, stick it to your box with the other side out. This creates a cushion over the square sheet that makes it easier to open and close the origami box. Another thing that you can do to add some depth to your gift boxes is to fold the sides of the square sheet in half and glue them together. This creates a stair like fold.


To make more advanced origami boxes with more details, you will need three colors. The first is the main color; the second is a dark green;, and the third is a light brown. You will then cut strips of colored paper into four equal parts. The first part will be the solid-colored paper, and the second and third parts will be the two primary colors combined. Glue or tape these pieces together to form your box.


Step 7: After you have glued all the squares together and pressed them against the square piece of cardboard for the outside of your origami box, the last step is to fold the sides in half so that they are now flat. You will now use ribbon, string, or yarn to tie around the outside of your box in the shape of a triangle. The thicker the string, or yarn, the wider the triangle will be. The next step is to add some hole punching to the outside of the box to let the light shine through. If needed, you can glue some dried flowers to make the holes bigger. Then stand back and admire your origami creation!


Step 6: After you have formed your origami box like in step 5, the next step is to carefully fold it over so that you are left with three creases on each side. Once you have placed your folded box inside a trash bag, you will want to carefully wipe away any extra creases or any of the sides might have been creased. This will leave you with six evenly creased sides and one crease on the top which you can easily iron away.


In conclusion, creating your own DIY origami boxes from a simple square of paper takes only a few minutes of your time, but it can be a fun project to do at home. You can also get some great DIY origami designs to give your boxes a whole new look. There are several different origami box patterns that are available online or at your local craft store. You will be able to find many different ones that will make use of a simple square of paper and even those that will use a sheet of fabric rather than paper.

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