5 Fun and Simple Ideas For Your Diy Art Supplies

So you want to create a piece of DIY Art and you have no idea what it should look like or where to start? It is a very difficult thing to achieve as it seems that each and every one want their piece of DIY Art to be the most original and out of the ordinary. This however is very difficult to achieve and you will find it more rewarding if you keep your head and do not get frustrated. Here are some of the tips that I compiled over the years for myself:

First, try and stay away from the regular cookie cutter style which everyone seems to be using these days. These cookie cutters usually consist of only a rectangular shape with a lot of blank space on each side. With this kind of design, you are limiting yourself in a big way and there are better ways of doing things. Try and make use of the unique shapes and patterns that you can come up with while also trying to stick with the edible finger foods that you would normally bake them in. You can still bake them into a cookie but try to use different edible finger foods instead to make it a little bit more original.

Second, when choosing your DIY Art supplies, keep in mind that you do not need the same type of supplies for every single thing. Some people choose to use all black acrylic paints and others choose to use just water color markers. Why limit yourself? Just go ahead and get a whole bunch of fun paints and get started on making your own original piece of my art.

Third, try and pick up some colored sand as well. Colored sand works very well for DIY glue since it has a little bit of shine to it. It is also not too sticky and you can easily use a magnet to stick on the sand into your homemade glitter glue. This makes a great combination between the colored sand and your DIY glue.

Fourth, another great combination idea for your diy art supplies is using food colors and homemade glitter glue. Using food colors will help add some visual appeal to your homemade glitter glue. This way you can use these colors for sidewalk chalk pops or you can even use them on homemade stamps. Just be careful of how much you are putting on your homemade stamps because if they get too messy you might have a hard time getting the glue on the stamp without spilling it on the stamps. Just keep them on the slippery side.

Fifth, if you want to try and make your own sidewalk chalk pops, then you might want to consider using some paper. You can either use regular paper that you already have or you can buy some disposable paper. Either way is fine, just remember to lay down some cardboard on the ground in order to support your work area. You may even want to put up some newspaper on the front of your work space to protect you from the glue.

The next step is to carefully unfold the piece of paper that you plan to use and then cut it in half. Use the bigger piece to write the words that you would like on the piece of paper and use the smaller half to glue the food colors on. Glue the words to the bottom half first, then the top and finally the sides. Make sure that you use different colors on both the top and sides.

These are just some simple and fun DIY art projects that you can do at home. There are many other ideas and suggestions that you can find on various DIY websites and blogs. Enjoy! !

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