Make a DIY Mirror For Your Room

Do you have a DIY mirror? Did you know that this simple and inexpensive item could be transformed into a work of art? With a little creativity, you too can make DIY mirrors that both look great and are friendly to the wallet. Whether you want to revamp an old vintage mirror or use a reclaimed piece, revamp an everyday item into a unique decorative piece, or make a fun project from collected items, these handy suggestions will help you get started. Revamping a DIY mirror into a unique decorative piece or practical everyday item is simple when you follow these simple steps.

First, if you do not already own a dim mirror, it is best to purchase one or more at a craft store, department store, or online. Next, remove the old frame from the mirror and check the backing for cracks, discoloration, or other damage. If you cannot see any damage, leave the frame alone. If you do find damage, sand the frame smooth using a power sander, then fill in any gaps with polyurethane paint. If you cannot remove the old frame, make sure that you insulate your new frame from cold and high humidity.

Next, select your favorite crafty paint color and sketch out the shape you would like on your diy mirror. Once you have selected the paint color and sketch, apply a thin coat of glue and press your newly-crafted masterpiece onto your full-length mirror. Try to keep the thickness of your new finish consistent with the thickness of the original frame. Apply a finishing touch of rustic wood filler to smooth out any rough edges, sand, and fill in any flaws. Once dry, your beautiful rustic wood mirror is ready for use!

A lovely idea for DIY mirrors is to create a DIY mirror frame set. Purchase a set of matching wall mirrors and display them on shelves, stand alone, or on a mantel. Arrange the mirrors in the frame in a coordinated way on the shelf or stand-alone piece. For an added touch of luxury, display your unique choice of doors, knobs and handles within the frame. You could also use these same shelves to display unique decorative items such as crystals, seed packets, sugar packets and so much more!

After your diy mirror set is completed, you will want to add some finishing touches. In order to make sure that your frame matches your interior decor, glue the frame into place before you attach your decorative items. This makes it easier to match your interior design when you hang your mirror. Before gluing your mirror into place, make sure that you have taken off the adhesive backing to prevent the backing from peeling.

Some fun ways to use mirrors in your home include: changing a light fixture, replacing light bulbs in rooms and on lamps, decorating a game room with mirrors and so much more! If you are handy with glue, then you could even try re-decorating your bathroom with matching frames and mirrors. When shopping for mirrors for your bathroom, you should also take into consideration the type of glue that you will use. There are many types of glues including those that are made specifically for gluing mirrors. Glue your mirror together first and let it dry before you put the new glue onto the frame.

One great way to make a DIY cake pan mirror is to find a plain, wooden frame and paint a simple design on one side. Then take a square or oval Coroplast plate and paint a matching color on the frame. Use a hot glue gun to glue the coroplast directly to the back of the frame. Use a few pieces of wire to twist the ends of the chloroplast in order to keep the frame in place once the glue dries.

If you do not have a wood frame, then a good alternative would be vinyl. To paint a vinyl mirror, all you need to do is apply a coat of white paint to the frame. Glue the frame to the wall and let it dry overnight. Once the glue has dried, simply pull the frame off of the wall, strip off the vinyl and replace on the baseboard or cupboard.

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