3 Inch PVC Halogen Curtains

DIY curtains are always a great alternative to real curtains. They can be customized, with patterns added or without. No matter what your design needs are, DIY curtains are perfect. You can also use real curtains if you don’t mind paying more for custom lengths. Here’s how to make your own semi-customizable curtains with just a few simple steps. Be ready, you’ll need these three steps…

How to make your own semi-customizable curtains This easy how to make no-sew curtains guide will show you how to make your own curtains that are made using semi-automatic sewing machines. The first step is to measure the curtains that you would like to hang. This includes the width, length, and height. This is so that the curtain panels for your no-sew curtains can be cut to fit exactly where you want them.

Next, measure the fabric for the background. This is the best part of this no-sew tutorial, because then you can choose the best fabric for the striped curtains you will hang. Remember that the background is the part that will show through the fabric when the curtains are open. Use two different fabrics for the best part of this no-sew tutorial. For striped curtains you will use a solid color and for the background a striped fabric with a lighter shade of color.

After you have measured your fabric, the next step is to sew a piece of Velcro along the bottom edge to hold the bottom corner of the fabric in place. This is the starting point of this no-sew curtains tutorial. It is best to start at the bottom of the window and then work upwards. Sew the rest of the way around the entire width of the frame.

The last step of the instructions for this no-sew curtains tutorial is to gather the rest of the fabric that you will be using for your curtains. Gather one end of the fabric and put it onto your ruler to get the exact measurement. Then you want to cut this fabric to the same size as your curtain. It is best to not crowd the fabric together in the center, but leave some space so that you can work with the curtains easily. Also, if you have the wrong side facing out, you can easily turn the wrong side to the correct side by simply cutting it again and sewing it together.

The last step of this no sew curtains tutorial is to assemble the pieces. The pieces include the panels for the curtains, the lace trim and the Greek key trim. To assemble the panels, you need to take your measuring tape and measure the width and then measure the height. Once you have these numbers, you can buy the panels that match your measurement.

For the lacy trim, you will use a pattern that you like or download one from the internet. If you do not know how to make a pattern, you can always go to a store and purchase one. For the Greek letter patterns, it is best to use a vinyl decal. If you are creating these curtains in a round, it is easiest to use the regular curtains. Once you have made all of your cuts, you simply attach the panel to the bottom of the window in the dining room. However, if you are creating curtains for a rectangular or square dining room, it is best to use the no-sew, white panels.

If you are attached to a straight home sewing budget, the easiest and best part about making DIY curtains is that you can customize them for almost any occasion. If you want to have the flowers for Valentine’s day, you can change out the plain white panels with a red rose or any other flower that goes with Valentine’s Day. A bold stripe is always great for the baby’s room or nursery. If your budget will go for something a little more expensive, you can have your curtains monogrammed. This will make your house personalized and save you the hassle of shopping for the right material. You can also have your curtains hand sewn if you are on a tight budget.