Top 5 Beat Maker Apps For Your iPhone

If you are interested in beat making, then you may be interested in paid beat making apps. Most of these apps aren’t just for enjoyment; they actually are more like instructional videos. They teach you how to make beats and sometimes they show you some advanced techniques. But, most of them (check out the list below) only have some very basic features that will help you make a good beat in no time at all. If you are serious about becoming a beat maker, you will want to pay attention here.


Apple iTunes – This is probably the most comprehensive and simplest of the beat making apps. It lets you preview and listen to music that is already created. You can save the file to your device and transfer it as an MP3. It’s really great for previewing music that you want to get recorded before you buy it. There are some limitations with this feature though.


Apple iTunes Express – Just as iTunes does with your iPod, this version lets you preview and listen to music as soon as you download it. However, you cannot transfer it to other devices like your phone or iPad. Only iPhone accessories can do that. The best thing about this version of the beat maker 3 is that it is free. Even better is that it comes with some free beats.


Propeller Software – This is another one of the best beat making apps. Although it does not come with any free beats, it does have a free version of the software that you can preview. This allows you to see how easy it is to make music with the software. This version also comes with some tools that will make music easier. It costs $50 to buy but it’s completely free with your first purchase. If you are interested in sequencing software, this is definitely worth trying out.


Iamins – This is another great sequencer that comes with beat making apps. It has an interface that looks similar to iTunes, but it is available for both iPhone and iPad. You can export your tracks to files that you can load on either of those devices. If you aren’t sure which tool is right for you, this is the one for you.


Traktor LE – One of the best-selling iOS apps. This is a good choice if you are an expert at playing live sets. The free version gives you limited capabilities, but you can always upgrade after the free trial. With Traktor LE, you can create up to 6 tracks at the same time. It is easy to move from one track to another by tapping the play button. There are many other excellent beat app makers out there that give you more options in terms of sequencing, but Traktor is still well liked by beginners.


Impulse Circular Saw – Another nice touch screen sequencer for your iPhone or iPad. This is one of the best-selling ios apps for beginners. This is used mainly in hip-hop and rap music but can be used for almost any rhythm. It uses the map engine, so expect great sound quality and a professional-sounding result.


A note of warning though: If you are not familiar with beat mapping software or have never used one before, this is definitely a program that you should not start with. The process of mapping notes into various rhythms requires a lot of patience and knowledge of how the software works. So do not think that this is an easy task. But if you have these two traits, then you can get started right away on this wonderful app.

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