Fun Easter Ideas for Sunday School

These Easter egg crafts are perfect for youngsters. Once they are made, they make great table decorations. Grab the kids, get a few hard boiled eggs and start embellishing.

Easter egg crafts for kids 1 – Wax patterned eggs

A number of difficult boiled eggs
A Glass
Metal spoon
Paper towel
White wax crayon
Food coloring

Take a white wax crayon and start drawing patterns onto the tough boiled egg.

Fill half a glass with water. Now include a few drops of food coloring (any color of your option) to the water. Location the tough boiled egg into the colored water and delegate soak for about ten minutes. The egg will gradually start changing color.

Turn the egg upside down utilizing the metal spoon, so that the side that is not colored is now in the water. As soon as the difficult boiled egg is totally colored, eliminate it from the glass with the metal spoon and location it on the paper towel to dry. You ought to now see the wax patterns plainly through the color.

Easter Egg Crafts For Kids 2 – Patterns and Pasting

Tough boiled eggs
Paint Brush
Pair of scissors
Masking tape

Utilizing a pen, draw and eliminate little shapes such as dots, petals etc from the masking tape.

Place these cut out shapes onto the hard boiled egg. Using a paint brush, paint the egg any color you desire to. Permit to dry totally. Thoroughly peel the masking tape shapes, one at a time. This Easter egg crafts for kids ought to reveal a pretty pattern.

Easter Egg Crafts For Kids 3 – Egg Marbleizing

Chicken eggs
Egg blower
Blending bowls – a couple of
Food coloring
Determining spoons
Olive oil
Paper towels
Liquid measuring cup

Make holes at the top and bottom of the egg, using an egg blower. Now carefully expel the eggs contents. Wash and enable to dry. (Adult guidance is needed for this task).

Mix together in a little blending bowl, 3 cups of warm water, together with two tablespoons white vinegar and a three to four drops of food coloring. Now carefully position the blown egg into the colored water. Make sure its submerged, so that the whole egg changes color.

Now in another blending bowl (ideally a shallow, wide bowl), make another batch of colored color. Make certain that this dye is a various, darker color to the very first. This color will offer the swirls. The dye need to have to do with a half inch deep.

Add one tablespoon olive oil to this mixture and swirl with a fork.

Gently position the blown egg into the oily mix and roll it around, so that it gets the swirls. Choose the egg up with your fingers and location on a paper towel to dry.

Permit to dry. Integrate various colors, the concepts are limitless. Delight in these Easter egg crafts for kids.

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