Nature Art & Craft Project – How to Make a Leaf Lady

Hi, and welcome to the making in the leaf lady, the following information will highlight how to make a leaf lady with just a couple of leaves, a couple of colored drawing pencils some firm paper and also tracing paper and a tube of most purpose glue.

It`s just a few steps, actually four steps to finish this craft marvel. The best time to create this craft is incorporated in the Autumn in the event the leaves have fallen off the trees.

Step one: So let`s reach it and trace a picture of a lady inside a skirt, draw the lady’s head, neck, body all the way down to the hem from the skirt but don`t draw the arms or legs, then squeeze tracing paper upside down with a firm small note and rub the outline of the lady with a pencil this will print the lady’s outline towards the firm paper.

Then draw the lady’s face and neck together with your coloured pencils, skin coloured pencil along with a black pencil to draw in the eye area, nose and mouth.

Step two: Gather your leaves, large ones for the skirt all the same colour although not green more smaller leaves and grasses and rats tails for your hair and bodice and thin leaves for that arms and ears of wheat for that lady to carry.

So focus on gluing the leaves to the paper plus your starting place are at the hem in the skirt, working your way up to the middle the place that the lady’s skirt ends and here bodice begins, placing the leaves in the skirt and on the line from the tracing.

Step three: For the bodice use small thin leaves to complete one’s body slightly below the neck use your design skills, to blend up using the leaves and employ long thin leaves for the arms so glue these in very carefully.

Step four: Finally glue some rats tail`s for your hair then place some ears of wheat in the arms with the lady to perform this brilliant nature craft.

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