Did You Know Baking Soda Is a Natural Oxygen Booster?

Here’s a real life situation… how often have you bought an “easy to use” oven cleaner from the store only to find it to be difficult to use or just not very effective? These are the situations that will ultimately make you decide against buying DIY oven cleaner. It’s either too complicated for you, or the ingredients aren’t strong enough. I was in the same boat as you once. It wasn’t easy to use and my “recipe” didn’t hold up over time.


After wasting many hours scrubbing and scraping, I finally found my DIY oven cleaner DIY method. This method involved mixing one part water and two parts baking soda. Directions: Empty out the oven. Add some dish soap and mix in a bowl.


After this, I noticed that my cleaning products were now a lot easier to use. My cleaning products didn’t foam up anymore. No longer did I have to mix the cleaning products in a bowl. This went on to becoming a successful recipe for me. So this morning when I woke up I decided to try out the dawn recipe video tutorial homemade oven cleaner cleaning products.


I quickly followed the instructions and before I knew it, my bottles of baking soda and white vinegar were empty. I quickly sprayed bottle after bottle with the cooking and cleaning spray, and my bottles were clean once again. The only problem was that this didn’t work all that well. I needed a stronger cleaner, but this worked just fine.


When I read about these oven cleaner tips online, I decided to give them a go. The first of the homemade oven cleaner tips was to not use your typical kitchen cleaner. Instead, I would use the dawn dish soap. You can either make this from scratch at home (I’m sure you will find all the ingredients online) or buy it in a store.


With the baking soda and white vinegar combination, you can use the Dawn dish soap and spread it all over your surfaces. I used it on my oven windows, stove, ceiling fan and everything else that needed to be cleaned. As soon as I let it dry, I scrubbed with the scrub brush part of the bottle. The dishes came out almost clean.


It worked great! To make it even better, I added a little extra white vinegar to the mix. Once again, I let it dry. Then, when I finished, I removed the scrubbing pads and my oven cleaner baking soda were gone. It totally re-invigorated my oven and saved me money.


Before I found the natural oven cleaner DIY kit, I was getting my periodontist to give me a brushing once a month. Now, I do it once every two weeks! That is how much better my digestion has been. Now I’m not surprised that my friends and family are asking me for cooking advice because they too can see how much I save by using these two homemade oven cleaner products.


The two homemade oven cleaner products I made were also very similar. They both had a solution in the spray bottle, which you would add to water before pouring it in the jars. I used equal parts of white vinegar and baking soda. I sprayed a little on the bottom and inside of the food containers. I put a lid on all of them and put them in the oven for two hours and then I removed the sprays.


When I checked the date on the food packages, I found that they had been baking for seven days. The Dawn Recipe video tutorial provided instructions on how to check for food safety so I didn’t have to worry about expiration dates. I put the food in the refrigerator and cooked for two hours. When it was ready, I removed the baking soda and white vinegar from the containers. They both had a very strong smell, so I just used a fresh fragrance free of alcohol instead.


The baking soda dawn dish soap and vinegar mixture worked great. I used a natural oven cleaner for the dishes and when it was done, it was as if nothing ever happened. There was no noticeable results. This DIY solution is a very economical, but effective, way to clean your household.


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