Dollar Store DIY – Creating Fabulous Decorations For Your Dollar Store

If you are going to start a dollar store, one of the first challenges you will face is finding inexpensive and fun merchandise to carry in your store. You know the old saying about “If it is not broke, don’t fix it”. Keep that in mind when you are searching for new and unique items to carry in your store. Look for dollar store products that can offer unique and inexpensive solutions to challenges you may come across. Here are some ideas that can help you find those items without breaking the bank.

Create warm centerpieces with vases and candles for your dollar store home decor ideas. Use a small inexpensive vase as a toothbrush holder to create children excited about brushing their teeth. Small vases from your dollar store can easily be transformed into whimsical Christmas display settings for any holiday event. A ceramic candle holder, mini vases, sugar cookies and other cookie vases can be wrapped nicely for a sweet and simple centerpiece that is both inexpensive and fun.

Create inexpensive bandana pillows using recycled milk jugs and spray paint. Using quarter inch bandana fabric, cut long pieces from white or clear fabric, sew them together and use decorative buttons or ribbon to accent the pattern. A bright green bandana with an old-timey cheery bow can be added as a centerpiece for your child’s desk or on a shelf for safekeeping. Your dollar crafts are sure to inspire other young entrepreneurs to take their creativity to the next level.

Create beautiful home decor using colorful glass and metal candelabras and wall sconces. Purchase clear glass beads from your dollar crafts or craft supply store. These beads are perfect for adding a decorative touch to any room. Purchase some metal wall sconces to place in front of mirrors and behind pictures that you would like to show off in your home. If you are creative, you can find other ways to display these pieces including tying them to your purse handles, hanging them from your belt loops or placing them around lighting fixtures in your home. Be creative and add something special and meaningful to your home decor!

Make a handmade gift basket for a friend or family member using inexpensive soaps and bath gels. Purchase clear glass jars or baby bottles, tie a ribbon on the jar handle and fill with soap and water. Add a few dried flowers and a tag that say Thank You. This is the easy dollar store items that can easily be made to create a homemade gift for someone you know. Using clear glass jars, you can place the soap into the bottom of the jar before filling it with water to ensure proper lathering. Purchase a few crafty ornaments that you can paint on the glass including little rubber ducks, colorful snowflakes and many more.

Create a decorative display using clear acrylic blocks that are cut in the shape of a square or triangle. Lay the faux ornaments or glass blocks on top of your clear acrylic flat sheet and use string or ribbon to tie a decorative bow around the perimeter. You can then mount this to a glass picture frame or use a picture frame to hold it. The finished look is completed by adding a clear plastic mirror and a beautiful decorative finishing touch.

Create a stunning centerpiece by creating a glass vase or a flower pot using clear acrylic spray paint. Gently spray paint a white or clear material over the bottom of the pot or vase. Place the item on a glass picture frame and allow it to dry overnight. Use a hot glue gun to stick the piece onto the frame. This is an easy and quick project that you will love to complete as part of your dollar store DIY display.

These dollar more vases are a great addition to any craft area or even your home. They make wonderful gifts for family and friends, and they can be purchased online at a discount. To complete this project, simply gather the required items, including a glue gun and glue, scissors, paintbrushes, Spackle and a saw blade. Complete this simple but beautiful project by decorating the vases yourself and by adding finishing touches such as a mirror and a beautiful spackle.