How to Make a DIY Ice Cream Cake – A Fast and Easy Recipe

The DIY ice cream cake recipe revolutionized the ice-cream industry when it was launched. This delicious dessert that is made from frozen yogurt is popular with young and old alike. It’s simple to make and it’s easy to find readymade ones in almost every store. This store bought ones cost more and they do not taste as good as the homemade ones. If you are a true ice cream lover, then you can’t resist these frozen treat’s refreshing taste.


If you want your own no-churn ice cream cake, you just need to follow some simple steps. First of all, you need to gather the necessary ingredients and tools. You will need the basic things such as Graham crackers, chocolate chips, ice cream, and no-churn ice cream sauce. You can also use fruits and nuts as toppings. Fruit flavors such as strawberries and bananas would be very good on this delicious dessert. Another great combination you can make is chocolate and vanilla.


You can start the no-churn ice cream cake recipe by preparing the Graham cracker mixture. In this mixture, you need to add a layer of chocolate chips. You can either melt the chocolate chips or just stir them into the pan. This is optional; it depends on how flexible your pan is.


Boxed cake mix also comes in handy in making homemade ice cream cakes. This frozen dessert needs to be combined with the water, which should be about one inch away from the curb level. This is important because you don’t want the ice cream cakes to stiffen. You can choose to bake the cakes or press them into an outline to avoid it from stiffening.


The cake is then prepared by putting the Graham cracker mixture on top and then you cover it with the frozen chocolate sauce. Next, you will need to pour the rest of the mixture over the cake. It is wise to make sure that the chocolate sauce is still covering the entire base. This is to prevent it from melting.


Baking the cake takes about 25 minutes, depending on the size. You will need to let it freeze completely before removing it from the freezer. You can cut it into single layers if you want. However, if you would like it to look more attractive, you can place the frozen cake on top of several layers of plain chocolate. It is not recommended to place the whole thing on a Graham cracker. You may end up with a disaster.


If you like to serve the ice cream cakes at a summer party, you should prepare this ahead of time. It does take a lot of time to make this. Therefore, you should have at least eight hours in advance. This way, you can spend some time in preparing this for your dessert. Just be aware that it may take more than an hour in making this if you are using the regular ice cream maker.


You can find the easy ice cream cake recipes from many sources like recipe books and magazines. The internet can also help you find these. You can also consult some experienced bakers if you have some experience. They will surely give you some tips on how you can easily make this.


It is very important to choose the right recipe. You should get the one that uses the regular ingredients but substitutes some of them with lower sugar contents. It is because you want to avoid the sugar spike when the dessert is served. If you want to make a dessert that will still taste great, you need to use an authentic frozen dessert recipe.


When you are ready to make the cake, you must first prepare the ingredients that you will use. Make sure that the ice-cream mixture has been frozen before you start to mix it together. Pour the water into the container and turn it upside down. This is because it will prevent the water from melting while you are pouring it.


Now it is time to prepare the other ingredients. Divide the ice cream cake batter into three-fourths and freeze these for at least thirty minutes. Once you are done freezing all the layers, you can now pour them inside the freezer for about ten to fifteen minutes. Once you are through mixing all the ingredients, you can now remove the frozen fruits from the freezer and pour the batter into the pans.