Homemade Playdough – No Cook!

There are so many benefits of using natural essential oils for children. Some good oils to use are Vetiver, Rose, Lavender and Mandarin. To use sparingly and not too much is important to use only natural essential oils and nothing synthetic. decided to use essential oils for playdough no cook recipe since lavender aromas are good for relaxation and soothe stress.


I chose to make a fun and different lavenders play dough for my kids. Since I know they love to play with colors and designs, I decided to make their favorite color – lavender. I also have made other colorful doughs for them such as zebra, butterfly, heart, flowers and many others. To make their dough for their lavender play dough recipe, I mixed together a cup of warm water and medium grade commercial grade unflavored yeast.


I then brought out my old Ziploc bags with my homemade playdough mix and started filling them one at a time. When the water boils, I quickly put my Ziploc bag inside, closed it up and placed the contents into the boiling water. I then let the mixture boil for about fifteen minutes. While the play dough was boiling, I cut it into three parts and added them to my baked ham and cheese sandwich.


After the boiling water cools down, it’s ready for my homemade playdough recipe. I used the Epsom salts to make it more sticky and elastic so that it will not fall apart when it is played with. Then, I cut the play dough into two equal parts. Then, I cut the second piece into two even pieces. Lastly, I formed it into a ball with my fingers. Then, I covered the whole ball with some lightly floured paper towel and stored it in the refrigerator to dry.


There are so many fun things that you can do with your homemade playdough, such as turning it into mud or candy. In order to do this properly, however, you need to first get all of your materials together. Here is a list of what I bought to make my homemade playdough recipe.


I used unflavored, unsweetened spray food coloring. And, I used a wooden spoon to stir the batter. I only used about two tablespoons of the mixture because there were some ingredients that I didn’t have at first. The other ingredients included an egg, a few tablespoons of sugar, and water. I put the mixture into a mixing bowl and turned it on. I let it rise for about an hour, and then I cracked the eggs onto the surface of the dough and set it aside to harden.


I then mixed the water and the sugar together to make the natural sweetener. It was going to be important to add to the wet mixture to the dry one to make sure that the texture of the dough is right. After the two ingredients were combined, I worked them in with my hands for about five minutes. I then took the dough out of the mixing bowl, formed it into a ball, cooled it down, and began my baking. I baked the balls of dough for about an hour, which gave them enough time to rise and the desired result.


When the baking was finished, I removed the balls from the baking pan and let them cool down. They were soft, but still had enough elasticity to fit back into their containers. I decided that I was tired of making homemade playdough no cook so I purchased playdough from a different store and started making my own again. After a few more batches, I decided that I was tired of being in my kitchen making everything myself and I set out to buy a pre-packaged variety from the store, which has always worked out great for me.

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