How to Dye Sand at the Beach

My daughters and I simply like the white sand beaches at California. Prior to we left I prepared some beach crafts and brought along the materials for creative enjoyable. The first activity was coloring sand. We colored sand with food coloring.

It’s extremely simple and fun! We just positioned some sand into a plastic bag, included the food coloring, and shook it approximately get color into all the sand.

Zip up your bag and let young kids help out. We just had four colors; red, yellow, blue, and green.

We integrated them to make other colors. We achieved different tones of a single color by controlling the quantity of food coloring we utilized in each bag.

She produced the rainbow style above on the beach which got a lot of attention. Many individuals came over and took pictures of it. It was so quite!

*It’s important to use non-toxic food coloring as to not injure the water system or animals.

Make Colorful Sand Castles

My child and partner had a great deal of enjoyable making colorful sand castles. They put layers of different colors to make some actually cool looking sand castles. Incredibly the sand castles remained in location for numerous hours.

It was enjoyable making beach art despite the fact that it was lost permanently.