DIY Cardboard Shelves: A Great Way to Add some Art to Your Room

Using cardboard to create this kind of artwork is very inspiring, because they are so adaptable and simple to access from multiple storage anywhere, anytime, and also very inexpensive quality-wise. So, just get ready for a wonderfully creative DIY cardboard shelf project that would elevate the appearance of your entire room with its artistic yet very classy designs. How would like if you will build one for your own? Sounds simple? Yes, it really is! This kind of project does not require that much of time nor material to be used and you can do it with all the stuff in your garage or the trunk of your car.

You will need some old cardboard that can be reused in other things, a piece of dry wall and spray sealer or plaster, scissors and some paints. After that, simply clean the surface of the cardboard with a drywall knife and make sure it is completely clean, clear, flat and level. Scrap any paper on the surface that was glued on, such as labels. After that, cut the shape that you prefer on the back side of the piece of dry wall and stick it to the back of the old cardboard that you have prepared.

Paint it according to the instructions written on the label. You may want to use several coats of the paint for it to last longer and stay in good condition. The paint should have a base coat that is a solid color and should be tinted with another color that is lighter. After that, take the two adjacent pieces of the cardboard and the clumps of paper mache that you have prepared and press them against each other. Do not forget to fill in any spaces between them with the paint.

When it is already finished, you can already paint the back part of the DIY cardboard piece to match the other piece that you made earlier. You may use the craft glue that you have prepared earlier in putting the glue on the back part of the shelf. This will make the edges of the shelf look neat. Use the craft glue to put a finishing touch on the project. You can either paint the whole thing or just paint two or three clumps at a time on the back part of the paper machine and then use a craft brush to smooth out the remaining area.

As for the wooden clumps that you have made, they will be painted with a brown pigment. However, if you want it to have a more natural color, you may use the other color that is closest to your preference. If you are using craft glue, you should put it on both sides of the clumps of paper mache and let it dry before inserting them into their slots. Just be careful that you do not glue them too tightly so that the shelf will come apart later on.

To finish off your DIY cardboard pieces, you should cover the entire piece with some clear sealant. This will keep all the pieces from drying out and will prevent you from losing any of the pieces. Wait until your pieces are completely dry before hanging them in your favorite frame. Now, you can proudly display your handmade craft project.

Painting a shelf is very easy. All you have to do is to follow the instructions given on the paint tube. For a more sophisticated look, you may want to add a couple of wooden clumps to the front and back as well as some lights to enhance the overall design. You can create a very creative and artistic pattern by using different colors of hot glue gun.

Glue a shelf onto the back part of the frame before adding the lights. It will look great when the lights are illuminated from all angles. When completed, you should use the screws provided to fasten the shelf onto the wall. Use some extra glue to glue the clumps together as well as some extra nails so that you can hang them in an elegant manner.

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