Fabulous DIY Decorating Ideas

With the holiday season almost upon us, do you think it time to start on your DIY decorating? Do you have a new project that you want to try out? Don’t worry; decorating for Halloween and Christmas doesn’t have to be a painful process! A little bit of creativity combined with a bit of good shopping can bring out the very best in your home decor. So what are some fun decorating ideas for Halloween and Christmas?

Hang Your Favorite Artwork: It’s easy to find a beautiful piece of artwork at an art show or online that you’d like to hang up on your wall. Before starting on your diy decor project, first clear off a space where you would like to hang your artwork. You can choose between hanging it on a wall or hanging it from a door. How-to guru Jennifer Thomas has put together a beautiful gallery of pictures, images and paintings that you can use as a starting point for your own creative decorating.

Use Plant Hangers to Decorate: If you love the look of plant hangers but hate carrying around that many plants, you can use those lovely plant hangers in your next diy decor project. Hanging baskets of flowers or small plants can add a festive look to your door, table or mantel. If you don’t want to use plants, don’t worry, diy decorating doesn’t mean you have to give up flowers just because you’re decorating. There are plenty of other beautiful options available when you get creative with your inspiration.

Create Colorful Pottery Items: If you have some old, painted ceramic pieces lying around that needs a little sparkle, why not whip them up with a little DIY paint and glaze? A great way to do this is to purchase a potter’s wheel kit and learn how to use it. This will let you paint over one of the wheels with colorful paints or sealers and create a masterpiece. There are also plenty of gorgeous stained glass projects that are simple to make too. All it takes is a little creativity to jazz up a pottery item.

Use Jars for Storage: One of the more unexpected benefits of a diy project is the ability to use unique containers as storage for decorative items. Think about the possibilities: you can use empty baby bottles as holders for your wine glasses; use recycled milk jugs as a coordinating accent on your countertop; and use the can sometimes found in the middle of a trash can as a place to store linens. There are endless ways to jazz up containers and make every room in your home (and office) more functional.

Spice Up a Kitchen With a DIY Dresser: Are your kitchen cabinets cluttered and unorganized? Adding some personal touch by using a DIY dresser kit could be just the thing to help bring life back to your messy linen cabinets. With so many colors and styles available today, you’re sure to find a dresser that suits your style. The most popular color for a DIY dresser is black because it goes with everything. If you’d like to add a splash of color to your walls, simply paint one of the surfaces in your kitchen with a chalk paint and you’ll have an inexpensive way to jazz up your kitchen.

Use Jars to Decorate a Countertop: When you’re decorating a new countertop, you don’t have to completely transform the space. Instead, use a few can jars to catch spills and display your colorful crafting tools. You might even consider adding a decorative chalk paint to your countertop, which will help you create a beautiful bulletin board.

These DIY home decor ideas will allow you to stay within your current budget and still come up with some wonderful decorative touches for your home. With a little bit of effort, you can turn your drab linen closet into a beautiful room. You don’t have to go to a fancy art gallery to get beautiful results. All you need is a bit of creativity and the right DIY supplies to help you! So what are you waiting for? Go crazy on some of these DIY projects today!

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