Using DIY Wire Jewelry Making Tutorials

Learn new jewelry making techniques and create gorgeous wire jewelry designs using The Ultimate Collection of DIY Woodworking Jewelry Plans: 64 Tips. Making wood jewelry is very rewarding and entertaining. It lets you become creative with twists, turns, and braids. It is also a great way to express yourself through your art. Here are a few simple beginner steps to help get you started.

Basic wire ring patterns can be used to make ornate bracelets and simple earring clips. This project uses a simple flat band saw. Be sure the wire has been galvanized before beginning. Also, if you choose to do this as a project for a family or friend, be sure they are comfortable with jewelry making and cutting before getting started. It may be fun to try to learn this at home but it is better to have a relative teach you to do this instead. When learning this, keep in mind that the more experienced the person, the more complicated the jewelry making process will be.

To make a basic wire bracelet, you will need: Foureen-inch wire, pliers, wire cutters, crimp bead, clasp, and clasps. You will also need a double boiler or microwave-safe bowl, a heat resistant mat, and a heat source like a stovetop. For ease of use, you may want to allow the bracelet to cool on its own before you string it on. If the bead gets too hot, it may warp.

With your heat source, melt some wax in a bowl and then add your clasps. Since you are working with a wire, it is best to have the clasps pre-made. Some hardware stores offer this service while others may sell them separately. The melted wax can be poured into a saucepan and then heated over a low heat. Once the wax turns a golden brown, it is ready to add your bead beads.

Once the wax is ready, you can start stringing your wire jewelry onto the mat using a long wooden or metal strap. Once the strap has enough strands to hold the bracelet together, you can then remove the excess strands and cut off any long pieces of the clasp. Use the double boiler or microwave-safe bowl for the melting portion and remember to stir while heating up. You will need a saucepan with some water inside to ensure that the leather strap stays pre-heated.

If you are working with a circular shape, wrap the entire piece of jewelry onto the mat making sure there is even strand evenly spaced around the outer edge. You can now use your round nose pliers to do the final tightening and twisting. Once you have the bracelet tightly wrapped, you can now secure it with the double boiler or microwave-safe bowl. Use the same saucepan for the finishing process – this is important so that the leather remains pliable. Once the leather is warm enough, you can then cut off any long pieces of the wire and add any other beads, gems or stones you may want to add to your handmade bracelet.

These are just a few of the many DIY wire jewelry making tutorials available online. There are hundreds of other techniques that can help you create your own amazing pieces of jewelry. If you are an artist, it may even be possible to sell your work as well! Just imagine the joy on your friend’s face when they open up the box to find a gorgeous bracelet made by you. You can use any wire wrapping techniques that you like; the sky is the limit.

When it comes to shopping for DIY jewelry making tutorials, it is important that you learn to protect yourself from these items. It is easy to accidentally burn yourself with the heat from a hot wire wrap or if you drop a hot wire while wrapping. Make sure that you keep the pieces of jewelry on a work area that is away from direct sunlight or heat. This way, you can also make sure that you protect yourself from damage as well.