Ideas For DIY Party Decorations

DIY party decorations make great theme party ideas for adult and children alike! Check out these DIY party themes, featuring Star Wars Parties, pirate parties, and other classic party themes for children and adults alike! Look for party decor and accessories, such as party plates, napkins, crowns, party hats, streamers, banners, and more. Use party invitations, postcards, save the date cards, special requests, or birthday or holiday cards to outline the entire party plan. Decorate with inexpensive or homemade party favors that you can buy online at your local craft store and craft fair.

Easy DIY party decorations include hand garlands made with ribbon in different colors. Using a hot glue gun or no-sew buttons, you can affix the garlands to nearly any flat surface, such as tables, chairs, walls, or even a door handle. If you would like to add a little flair to your hand garland, add some glitter with hot glue. For a whimsical touch, attach an angel or fairy head to the end of a long garland. You can even use a small round container or pail for this project. For easy cleanup, simply spray off the foam with a damp cloth and air dry.

Another great DIY party decorations idea is a simple banner. Purchase an inexpensive vinyl banner, including its back. The banner can be printed with different colors, text, and graphics of your choice. Attach several no-sew buttons to the banner with hot glue. Or attach several PVC banners to a larger rectangular or square banner. Consider mounting several banners on one banner for an impressive display.

If you want your next DIY party decorations to have a creative flair, consider adding balloons to your decorations. Purchase balloons in your favorite color and design. Cut out balloon garlands or attach them to the ends of balloons using hot glue. When you are finished, simply deflate the balloons and store in a plastic bag. Store balloons in a single layer for an elegant, sophisticated look.

Whether you’re planning a kids’ party or a baby shower, colorful DIY party decorations are a great way to add fun and color to any event. Use balloons to create whimsical shapes and designs with a soft paint roller or stamp pad. If you prefer to create your own balloons, it’s a good idea to get an indoor-safe roll of ribbon, string, or yarn. To dress up your balloons for a kids’ party, attach small toy cars, clowns, or animals to the ends. For a cute and sweet idea for baby showers, attach colorful ribbons to the ends of baby bibs or baby shirts.

Another fun way to jazz up your DIY party decorations is with paper flowers. Instead of buying pre-made paper flowers, try making your own by mixing fresh flowers, sugar and water. After assembling the flowers, you can sprinkle them liberally on your table or walls for a festive look. These are also a wonderful favor idea for a baby shower!

When planning your DIY party decorations, it’s important to think about your theme. Decorations should compliment your main theme, but also complement the style of your event. For example, if you’re having a black and white wedding, a simple way to accessorize would be to use lots of black and white decor items in the decor. The same goes for a theme that features gold accents. By choosing the right colors and accents for your event, you’ll be able to have the most vibrant, unique party decor possible.

Aside from using DIY party decorations to decorate your tables, you can also add some to your party bags and favors. You can purchase small plastic “garlands” at any craft store or even at your local dollar store. Just be sure to ask when you’re purchasing these garlands, as some colors may clash with your theme if you choose garlands with too much color or with too many contrasting colors. Once you’ve decided how and where to place your day party decorations, you’ll be ready to sit back and relax, knowing that the pieces you’ve chosen will make everyone’s experience at your party fun and unique.

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