Replacing a Shower Valve Assembly

You can find the entire shower valve assembly for your local big box for approximately $40.00. I must explain how this is not a temperature regulating valve. It is simply the initial shower valve mechanism.

Cut a dent within the wall behind the shower valve arriving through the opposite side of the wall.
Then this is what you do:

o turn off the water;
o cut the existing pipes;
o remove the assembly;
o fit the modern assembly set up; and
o solder each of the necessary piping together again.

After checking for leaks, replace the drywall which you acquired to go to the assembly.
An Important Note: I made sure there’s sufficient support for the brand new shower valve. Also ensured there’s extra support to the tub spout.

A quite typical concern is a lot of people think this is the foot rest. For example, while shaving their legs or perhaps relaxing inside the tub. It is not for your purpose. So, reinforce accordingly.

Just a Thought: You have to admit, replacing the drywall from the rear to suit a leaky faucet is easier than placing new tile on the wall or being forced to replace a fiberglass tub enclosure.

As far because the effort and time expended in this instance, replacement from the valve assembly is faster and cheaper than the time you’d probably waste attempting to fix that old leaky faucet valve and it’s also far more reliable.

The very hard thing about this project gets the proper parts. I always carry the previous parts on the big box and try to match them. Most faucets possess a endurance of, at the very least, decade. However, vendor product lines get updated regularly.

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