DIY Platform Bed Plans – Your Best Tool to Build Your Bed Quickly

DIY platform bed plans were very helpful when my son asked me to help him build a bed. I had purchased a set of woodwork plans a while ago for my shed but I didn’t realize that I had a lot of bed plans in that package as well. There was several designs of beds, the list of necessary material including all the hardware and material recommendations.

My oldest son moved into his first apartment with his girlfriend. Of course we helped them out and gave them a lot of furniture and her parents did the same. The only thing they didn’t have on their list was a bed. They had bought a brand new mattress but they had to put it directly on the floor until they find something. We all did it!

After shopping around for a bed my son asked me if I could help him build one. I taught that it was a good idea and that would save them a lot of money. I remembered the set of plans I purchased the previous year for my shed and I looked into it for bed plans. Of course there was some bed plans, and a lot of them.

I went to my son’s house and pulled the plans on is computer. Choosing the bed they wanted was the hardest part of all. They spend all evening looking at all the different designs. I figure I’d come back once they agreed on something. The following week end they had printed out their favorite one out of all the DIY platform bed plans available.

My son and I carefully checked the material list and went to get everything. The total cost of the wood, red oak by the way, and all the hardware cost less than one third of the price of a platform bed already made. We used a sheet of less expensive plywood for the platform and nice wood to go around it and for the head.

It took us a day to put everything together and the next day to sand a little and apply a nice coat of water based varnish. The result was amazing. My son and his girlfriend think their bed is better that the ones they saw in stores and they got it at a fraction of the cost. The whole thing was so worth it, my son asked me if he could borrow my set of woodwork plans to get some ideas for nightstands.