Easter Ideas – DIY Clay Ornaments

Looking for a fun project to keep your kids entertained this Easter? Instead of making the typical holiday cookies together, let’s try different things, such as your own unique custom clay ornaments. These are cheap and simple to create, the majority of what you need has already been within your kitchen.

My Aunt had said how to make these clay ornaments some time ago. So I then decided to write them down below.

DIY Clay Easter Ornaments

This DIY clay dough is a comparable consistency to fondant icing and truly beautiful to use. it is air drying and produces an intense white clay that is truly great to mould and use.

Do not make the mistake we did and put them too near a heat source. They require to be dried at a constant temperature level. We did that, however then I positioned them in a box that was out on our kitchen area table near the radiator, but I wished to show you that even cracked they are wonderful to decorate.

Do It Yourself Clay Easter Ornaments Materials

  • Cornflour or cornstarch
  • PVA or school glue
  • Cookie cutter
  • skewer
  • Rolling pin

When you have actually made your clay it keeps for around a week in an airtight container. If it is open to the air it will begin to harden on the outside and get a crust.

A DIY clay dish and stunning DIY Clay Easter bunting a terrific kids DIY craft for Easter. This DIY clay dish has only two active ingredients and you can colour on it with markers and felt pointers. It needs to be seen to be thought.

We presented our dough until it had to do with 5mm thick and cut out our egg shapes.

Then we put holes in our eggs, a single hole in the center for a hanging decoration or more holes for bunting.

When we had cut out all the egg forms we left them 24 hours to dry. As I stated earlier it is key to dry them in a location with a consistent temperature to avoid cracking.

Once they are dry then comes the fun part, the designing. The young boys decided that they desired to go all neon on our eggs, so we utilized our Staedtler triplus colour neon pens.

The young boys had a lot of enjoyable drawing patterns and images onto the eggs. This DIY white clay is brilliant for colouring on with felt pens, markers or sharpies. You might even utilize fineliners and make really detailed patterns.

I likewise tried sharpies, ball point and routine felt suggestion pens on our DIY clay Easter ornaments and they all worked.

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