Why Choose a Meineke Car Care Centre?

Meineke Car Care is a new center offering its first of its kind – in-home services to parents in western Canada’s Niagara Falls region. “I started this because I wanted something that would help me get my daughter into a better situation in life and help her overcome some of the challenges that we face as a family,” says Campli. “The truth is there’s so much that can be learned out of the beverage and food industry, he continues. This center offers exceptional professional and personal services in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, that’s been designed to meet the families’ unique needs.”


Meineke offers its customers a full range of services. At the main office located at the airport, Meineke technicians are ready to come to their clients home or office to perform a variety of auto detailing, paint touch ups, upholstery, carpet cleaning and even automotive repair. The technicians are prepared to go to any location in the North America or Europe. There is no need to worry about long distance charges because this company has developed partnerships with auto transport companies. In addition, Meineke also offers the latest in modern customer service. At one of their customer service tables, one can expect to have a free consultation from a professional representative, free, fast auto detailing and mobile car valeting, an auto sound system, free high premium service, a free delivery to your doorstep, and the opportunity to enjoy one-on-one personal attention from one of their trained service writers.


Professional, trained service writers will create a “blended” book of the history and background of your vehicle. They can write a custom booklet which includes a history of ownership, maintenance records, odometer history, service records, warranties on brakes and transmission, and even vehicle insurance proof. If your vehicle has been in any kind of accident, Meineke technicians can add a line stating “accident record removed” or “no claim paid yet”. This helps protect vehicle owners against costly damage claims. Meineke service writers can provide helpful suggestions for keeping your vehicle in top running order and help you decide if a full oil change is needed.


Meineke service writers are knowledgeable and happy to help you. Their eagerness to give valuable customer service and high premium quality results leaves many impressed clients. If a Meineke technician feels like they have been a valuable asset to a potential client, they will not hesitate to tell the client that they are proud to have provided that particular service to that particular client. Many satisfied clients offer testimonials of how easy it was to contact them, how fast the response was, and how their experience with Meineke Car Care Centre was topnotch. These loyal customers often return to the same company when they need to maintain a vehicle and feel confident that the technicians working for this organization will handle any repairs and maintenance issues efficiently and effectively.


When customers feel like their automotive service technician is being responsive, helpful, friendly, and professional, they will likely stay with the same service provider. In addition to having excellent customer service, a Meineke employee must be able to work competently in a fast paced environment. Automotive service writers who enjoy providing their clients with complimentary literature and outstanding service may find a fulfilling career. There are plenty of benefits to working for Meineke. As an employee, you may enjoy working in the following areas:


If you have a passion for helping other vehicle owners preserve their cars and vehicles, a Meineke Career could be right for you. In addition to working as a service writer, automotive technicians also assist with body shops and body refurbishment. Customer service technicians may work at any facility that features automotive repair and maintenance. The Meineke technicians are skilled and qualified in working with all different makes and models of automobiles.


Many Meineke technicians have worked with a variety of different companies over the years, which gives them valuable experience that they can use when working on a customer’s auto. Most automotive service technicians have taken many car owner courses and will have a broad range of knowledge and experience in working with all makes of cars. You can choose to focus your career on assisting new car owners, or choose to work on vehicles that need major repairs. You could work for an established company or a manufacturer. The sky is really the limit when it comes to your automotive career.


Whether you are seeking a fulfilling career at a Meineke Car Care Centre or would just like to work on cars at an independent car care centre, there are numerous jobs available. This type of work is very stable and well paid. There are several types of Meineke positions including Customer Service Specialists, Automotive Service Technicians, and Material Wielders.

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