Ten Different DIY Gifts for Dad

There is a huge range of DIY gifts for dad, which are available online. You can choose from a huge range of unique items such as caddies, towels, mugs, caps and more. It’s not just practical gifts for dad, which are available in the high street but also excellent corporate gifts. Many companies now distribute gifts at the end of a year to thank their employees for all their hard work throughout the year. By choosing some unique, useful and personalised gifts, you will show your dad that you appreciate him and all the hard work that he does for you.

Mugs are always a popular gift idea. They’re practical, too. Plus they make a great, unique way to say thank you to someone for a job well done. There are some fantastic and fun ways to make a mug for dad. For example, one day craft ideas include making your own mug with a shot of dad or photos of him with friends and family.

Caddies are great DIY gifts for dad choice. This means you can make one for your dad or you can buy him a whole caddy full of them. These make a great present for dad on Father’s Day, Christmas or any other special occasion. You could make a caddy full of all his favourite drinks from an array of different companies. He will love these mugs and he will think of you every time he drinks from it. For example, if he drinks Starbucks coffee, then a Starbucks coffee mug would be perfect.

DIY gifts for dad that don’t cost an arm and a leg are certainly the way to go if you want dad to appreciate your gifts. This could be a mug, a plate or even some DIY paints. These will be great presents for a while but after a while they will cost quite a lot, especially if you buy him several of them. It is much cheaper and simpler to just pick out gifts for dad that don’t cost a whole lot.

Leather is always popular DIY gifts for dad choice. A leather journal is always a classy gift for a father. There are so many different types of journals available to choose from that you can certainly find one that will fit in with the look and style of your home. The great thing about these is that they can be very practical. If your father works long hours at a desk, then a leather journal is a great idea to keep track of his work and what he has to do for the day.

One of the most common DIY gifts for dad ideas is a video camera. Your dad might have had one as a child but it may not be as useful as it used to be. Nowadays, digital cameras are not that expensive and they come with so many different features. It is also possible to add special features that your dad may have missed on his old camera. For instance, some cameras will let you add a memory card or an LCD screen.

For something unique and different, you can always find unique DIY gifts for dad such as an ice cream van. This is a special gift that will surely be appreciated by your dad. You can make it yourself or buy a commercially-made one and put it in your own garage or living room. Just make sure that you have enough space to place it.

Of course, another popular DIY gifts for dad idea is a simple clock. A grandfather clock is a great time-piece to give to a dad. Just make sure that it still works! You can find unique clocks online that you can customize with your own photos, message, or artwork. This is certainly a unique and wonderful gift for your father.

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