Summer Series – No Bake Clay Recipe

There are so many cost-free clay dishes drifting around on the web. It appears like many kids craft sites are simply uploading the clay dough recipes without trying the clay first. To us that’s kinda like suggesting a dish without ever having tasted it first.

We wish to try more clay recipes in the future yet, for now, this is the just one that we have tried for ourselves.

This recipe is for a flour as well as salt clay that air drys. No cooking called for!

How To Make The Clay

  • Mix 4 cups of flour and 1 cup of iodized salt in a large dish.
  • Include 1 as well as 3/4 cups of warm water to the flour/salt blend.
  • Knead the clay dough

Clay Making Tips.

We had a lot of clay to play with making only a 1/4 set. After making a number of clay productions, the dough appeared to be drying around the edges — covering the yet to be made use of dough aided to stop this.

If you find you clay ending up being a little completely dry, when you take the following piece to create with, dip a finger or toothpick in water, allow a lot of the water trickle back into the water and afterwards take your damp finger as well as collaborate with the clay.

It doesn’t take much water to get it back into shape and the clay will certainly become really sticky if you include way too much water at the same time.

If you do add too much water, allow the clay being in the open to somewhat air dry or include some of the moistened little bit. Or, dip, not scoop, your fingers right into some flour and work the fresh flour right into the clay.

When kept in a secured bag, this clay seems to stay quite usable. While I would certainly not advise keeping it so long, we made this clay over 8 weeks earlier and the clay is still moist and also practical.

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