Porch Herb Garden Ideas – 4 Tips for Cheap and Easy DIY Balcony Herb Garden

For the past number of years I have actually put together a small sized herb garden at our porch. I like the benefit of having fresh herbs growing because they are easily accessible — and ideal next to the grill — we tend to use them a lot more.

Some of those stunning herbs to grow on a patio are basil, thyme, chives, rosemary, and mint.  I continue to keep a small herb garden on my porch. It permits me to grab the smaller containers to take with me as we travel in our RV and enjoy my own fresh herbs away from home.

Here are some tips I’ve learn out for my container herb garden:

Choose a Container — pick a container with excellent drainage which permits space for the plant to grow. I have actually utilized different types and designs of containers formerly, from each herb having a separate large container on my deck to having one big window box or urn holding lots of smaller sized containers. This year, I’m using a large table urn filled with garden pebbles in the bottom and smaller herb containers put in the urn.

Right soil mix — Loose and well drained soil is finest if planting herbs in containers. Soil-less just means a blended growing medium that does not contain soil, such as the dirt you would find in your garden or yard.

Select Your Herbs — select your herbs carefully based upon the types that you will utilize regulary. I’ve observed the more regularly I use my herbs, the more they grow! Those that I plant on an impulse because I think I “might” utilize them and hardly ever do, do refrain from doing along with they might if I used them or pinched them back regularly. Check out each of the herbs you choose to determine sunshine requirements and if they are invasive plants– such as mint.

Water Often — during the summertime, check your herbs daily and water as required. In the heat of our Georgia summer seasons, I generally need to water my herb garden daily.

Gardening just does not come naturally to me yet, however when I grab a handful of fresh herbs to prepare with in my kitchen area I seem like I’m a master garden enthusiast.