Nourish Your Lips With a DIY Lip Scrub With Vaseline

DIY Lip Scrub with Vaseline. I have been asked many times how to get the best out of my homemade lip scrub. I usually give them the same answer. You simply have to experiment. I have tried everything from eating raw honey, to eating the raw ingredients (of course!)


Mix 2 tablespoons of warm Vaseline with an equal amount of sea salt to create a large scrub. Another good technique is to add an exfoliating cream and some moisturizer to the scrub. An all natural exfoliator such as baking soda also helps. Another way to keep the scrub at the right pH level is to add a little sugar to the mixture. Brown sugar works well and can be found at your local drugstore.


A scrub alone will not give you good results. To obtain the maximum benefits, mix the scrub with a little olive oil or coconut oil. This allows the scrub to penetrate deep into the pores for maximum cleansing power. It also makes it easier to rinse off leaving a nice, soft, supple complexion. A great product to try is a body brush with natural exfoliating characteristics.


Combine a few drops of your favorite scent with some almond oil (you can use grapeseed oil if you prefer) and mix it together with the Vaseline. Apply it in a circular motion to the areas that need treatment. To get the best results, use more of the Vaseline and less of the almond oil.


Mix together two spoons of olive oil with a couple drops of your favorite fragrance and spread it over the lips. Let it dry and then gently rub the ingredients gently into the lips. Don’t forget the Vaseline. Apply the mixture to all of the areas of the lips that you want to plump up. You can use your fingers to apply extra Vaseline if you need to.


Once you have finished your scrub, apply a generous coating of Vaseline all over the lips and leave it in place for an hour or two. Then apply the almond oil/sugar mixture all over the lips and let it dry. Then gently use a cotton ball to remove the excess Vaseline and put it back in its container. Repeat this process until all of the remaining ingredients have been used up.


Another great DIY Lip Scrub with Vaseline recipe uses olive oil as the main active ingredient. Mix together a few drops of rosewater and honey and apply it to your lips. Honey absorbs the oil from the olive oil much better than rosewater. This mixture works extremely well with the other ingredients in your DIY skin scrub.


Both of these recipes are very easy to make and you will definitely get a lot of use out of them. If you are looking for a great way to soften your dry lips, then consider trying a homemade lip scrub with Vaseline. The natural ingredients found in these recipes will offer you all of the benefits that you get from a quality exfoliating product and an astringent, all in one product. These scrubs will leave your lips feeling beautiful and smooth.


To use a good DIY lip scrub with Vaseline, simply mix in a few drops of rosewater, some olive oil, and some honey. Then apply this to your lips. Cover the entire area of your lips with Vaseline to keep it in place. Cover your lips with a small amount of brown sugar to add a bit of color. You should use both Vaseline and brown sugar until your lips are completely covered. This mixture is excellent for those who often have lip burns or irritations.


A homemade sugar lip scrub with Vaseline can be used during the day or at night. For maximum effect, cover your mouth and nose during the day so that the ball won’t get stuck to your lips when you sleep. At night, simply cover your lips with a small amount of balm. The balm will absorb the ingredients and gently nourishes your skin.


You can also purchase DIY lip scrubs that already have the balm and Vaseline included. These types of products usually work much better than the ones that you make at home. In addition to getting good results, these products are safe and affordable. If you buy your DIY brown sugar lip scrub with Vaseline from a well-known brand, you can expect to pay a little bit less money than you would if you purchased the same scrub from a discount store.


It’s easy to care for your lips if you add a little Vaseline to them. This is a wonderful, inexpensive way to give your lips the nutrients they need. These scrubs are easy to prepare and are good for everyday use. When you have one of these wonderfully healthy treats on hand every day, you can be confident that you’re giving your lips the nourishment they need. The DIY lip scrub with Vaseline is truly a wonder ingredient!

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