Make your own headboard out of a door

I have an enjoyable and easy DIY project that will add a heap of character to a bed room space. having a bed pushed up versus any wall is great, however a headboard helps polish & round off the space. You can easily do this project for under $100. You can also customize it for any size bed. Let’s get going!

Step 1: Find a Door.

I headed to my regional house building salvage shop where they have a TON of doors to choose from. There are usually shops simply like this one in a lot of cities. They collect used house products and re-sell the for a discounted price.

Step 2: Measure and cut.

Procedure the door and cut off the edges to get the desired width. Go to my post to get all the measurements for each bed size. Headboards are normally sized with an extra 2-4″ on each side of the mattress. You can actually make it any size that works best for your area, these are just some standards to get you started! Cut the door to size using a circular or jig saw.

Step 3: Cut and apply your trim.

Adding trim to the top of the headboard truly offers it a great finished appearance. I used a piece of crown molding and a 1×4 for the cap. Cut these to size and connect utilizing glue and a nail gun.
how to up-cycle an old door into a headboard

Step 4: Sand and preparation for paint.

Sand the edges of the wood trim, scrape any peeling or cracking paint from the door and clear the entire thing (I utilize a 50/50 solution of denatured alcohol and water for cleaning).

Step 5: Paint!

It’s no secret, my preferred go-to furnishings paint is General Finishes Milk Paint. It’s simple to use and goes on great and smooth, providing a professional surface each time. I used a custom blended gray color (you can get my mix in my post). Apply with a good brush and let dry.

Step back and admire your work! You now have a stunning, special headboard for your space! I hope you’ve enjoyed this easy Up-cycled Project!