How to Car Wash Like a Pro

How to Car Wash is the most common question from car owners, as washing the car is inevitable. You would probably use detergents when you are done washing the car and rinse it with water to remove the soap. But, we know that detergent damages the paintwork and also causes damage to interiors of the cars. So, how to clean a car? Use proper cleaning tools and techniques!


If you want to know how to car wash like a pro, then you need a microfiber mitt with a round head. It will help you to effectively clean the interior and exterior parts of your car without ruining your paintwork. Microfiber mitts are made of poly fiber, which is a special type of spongy fiber that maintains its original shape even after washing it several times.


If you want to learn how to car wash like a pro, then make sure that you protect your car from direct sunlight. When the sun shines on your vehicle, the microfiber can get dirty. So, if the sun’s rays hit the microfiber at such a high temperature, then the material will become damaged. When washing your car in direct sunlight, it is recommended that you use a microfiber mitt that has a round head.


The main purpose of using the microfiber mitt with a rounded head is to ensure that you do not scrape or damage the material. If you face an outdoor shower where there is direct sunlight, then it is advisable that you put on a pair of gloves. It would be better if you have a pair of sun protection shades on too. In case you face a shady spot on the towel that you are using to wash your car, then you should also consider putting on some sun block and a pair of gloves.


How to Car Wash is very simple if you know what to do. If you want to know how to car wash like a pro, then avoid placing your car in direct sunlight. In addition, you should place something heavy on the hood of your car like a towel so that you can wipe off all the water that has fallen from your shoulders. You should always remember that the sun dries the skin on your body. So, whenever you face a shady spot on the towel, you should place on a thin sheet to protect yourself from the harshness of direct sunlight.


Apart from avoiding the sun, you should also avoid using regular soap and dish washing liquid. These substances are very harsh on the body and they could ruin the finish of your paint job if you happen to use them on any part of the car wash like the door handles, hood or trunk. Instead, you should use wax to polish all the parts of the vehicle that you want to shine. Wax is the best cleaning agent for the shiny parts of your car.


You have to apply wax on these parts regularly so that you will not have a hard time in polishing them. If you are wondering how to car wash like a pro, then you should know that it is very important to use a sponge with a large part of foam inside it. This sponge will help you spread the wax all over the door handles, hood and trunk without making any mess. You should always remember to clean the sponge when you have already removed it from the soap bucket. The foam that is present in the large part of the sponge helps in preventing the spills from soaking in the wax.


Once you have all the clean sponges, you should now dry them in an air conditioned room. To learn more about how to car wash like a professional, you can check out some of the tips that have been shared with us by some of our readers. You can even use the same techniques on your own. However, if you are not confident about your ability in doing so, you can always check out some of the professional car washers around. They are sure to teach you how to car wash like a pro.

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