Easy Tulle Hair Bow Tutorial

Today I’m going to show you how to make these simple tulle hair bows! Have you seen all the incredible colors of tulle that made?

Supplies Needed:

Tulle (6 ″) Purple, Pink
Upholstery Thread and Needle
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Empty 3/8 ″ Ribbon Spool
Cardboard Piece
Felt Circles
Alligator Clips

Step 1: Cut the center out of your empty ribbon spool.

Clip one end of your purple tulle to the top of the ribbon spindle.
Wrap your tulle around the spool several times (I covered mine about 8 times, the more you cover it the larger your finished bow will be).
Utilize your alligator clips to hold the tulle in place.
Continue the exact same actions with your pink tulle.

Step 2: Keep your alligator clips on your tulle.
Wrap your upholstery thread around the center of your tulle, pull tightly and connect off.

Step 3: Cut the ends of your tulle. Put your scissors in-between the tulle and the ribbon spool.
After your cut both ends your tulle puff will look a little wild! Utilize your scissors to trim up the unequal areas.

Step 4: Fluff your bow! Carefully pull on the tulle ends till you accomplish the appearance you desire.
Hot glue your felt circle to the bottom of your bow.
Attach your lined clip!

How easy were those?! They were quick to make and are so cute!!