Easy Origami Flower Instructions

One form of DIY that never gets enough of is origami flower arrangements. It s always good to see what could be created by folding up a piece of paper into a lovely structure. The great thing about this particular craft is that origami is really very easy to do and as a beginner this is the ideal project to start with.


To begin, you will need a plain sheet of paper and three or four cardstock pages. Make sure that the paper is fairly straight and flat as it will be easier to work on. There is no need to worry about sharp edges or crooked shapes as all you need to do is glue the paper together starting from the center and working outwards. You will find that this is an easy origami flower tutorial that you can do in just a few moments of your time.


The next step is to cut out a series of small leafs and then add them to one edge of the cardstock. Now start to fold the cardstock in half and then once you have completed the half page you will then want to press your origami flower in place. This is done by using the same half page of origami paper that you originally started with. Petal fold video instructions for this particular origami flower is included below.


Once you have glued the folded paper down, simply proceed to attach the bottom piece of the card and the bottom of the flower together. This is done by sewing a straight line down the middle of the flower and then another straight line across the middle of the lily. Repeat the process for the other half of the paper and then continue on to the next step. Once the third panel has been attached simply attach the four ends to one edge of the card. The final origami flower that you create in this manner should look something like this:


A few final tips before we wrap up our look at how to create an origami flower stem: the color that you use for the flower stems really make a difference in how much you can accomplish. A popular choice for most people is to use red or purple for the stems of their flowers. If you are creating flowers for someone special, you may want to use their favorite colors for their flowers. Here are a few suggestions to help you choose a colored origami flower stem for someone special: if the person you are giving the gift to loves pink you might consider sewing in some purple flowers onto the gift.


Most people enjoy flowers whether they are used for decoration purposes or as an added treat. A great way to add a personal touch to your gifts or as a means of expressing your appreciation for someone you know is by using origami flowers. You can create a great variety of origami flowers and use them to decorate not only pillows but blankets, and other household items as well. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Creating origami flowers can also be accomplished by using origami paper. Simply folding the origami paper into different shapes will allow you to reuse the sheet and have it over again. There are a number of different methods you can use to fold your origami flowers the right way. You can use the crease method, the star method, or the blanket-fold method. When you have mastered these methods you will be able to produce origami flowers on demand!


Very quick and easy origami flowers tutorial that you can do at home is to glue together two paper squares to form a vase. Then you glue the square to the other square and you have a cute vase to use. The process for doing this in an at-home manner is quite easy and will leave you with a craft that is not only cute but also versatile.