DIY Wedding Decorations – Can You Do Them Yourself?

A DIY wedding can be a great way to save money, and not have to worry about paying out a huge amount of money for everything you need for the wedding party. To me, a DIY wedding involves you truly being self-sufficient, which means you are taking care of every aspect of your wedding party yourself. This also means you’re likely not hiring outside professional wedding vendors to assist you, and you’re probably having very family help throughout the entire wedding party, from setup to dessert. What can be better?

To start off the day wedding theme, let’s talk about how you would like your invites to match the theme of your special day. Many people will create unique DIY invitations by using computer graphics and clipart. However, if you’re more creative, or just like to experiment with different fonts, colors, and ideas, you can create your own unique invites by designing them yourself!

Floral wedding fabrics are some of the most popular diy decorations. Many people use this style in their DIY invitations, as it is a unique and fun way to incorporate flowers into the design. If you want to have some fun with your DIY invitations, why not make your own fabric choices. Why use fresh flowers you’ve picked, or silk ones? Both work great and will be sure to impress your guests. For example, for a Fall DIY wedding, I would suggest using pale yellow and burgundy colored fabric for the invites, then coordinating the rest of your wedding colors (especially gold and silver for the bridesmaid dresses and boutonnieres) with a floral shade of green.

Another popular DIY wedding decoration is the ever-popular favor boxes. You can find many different styles of favor boxes at any craft or discount store. These boxes are typically clear, so that your guest can see what they are getting when they open up the box. There are many different types of favor boxes to choose from: mini boxes, small picture frames, organza bags, gift baskets, etc. Again, the sky is the limit when it comes to these DIY favors, so feel free to be creative and get really creative!

DIY floral arrangements are another popular idea for diy weddings. If you’re planning a spring or summer DIY wedding, you can really have some fun with this project. This can also be a wonderful way for the bridesmaids to give each other gifts, without having to purchase them at a store. One popular idea is to give each bridesmaid a small flower arrangement in a pretty container – then place a small seed inside. When the party gets rolling, each of the bridesmaids can take the flower petal and use it as a centerpiece on the table during dinner.

Homemade decorations are also a very popular DIY wedding idea. It’s no secret that DIY decorations can be quite inexpensive, so they’re a great alternative to more expensive store-bought items. One great idea for DIY decorations is to create unique wedding party favors out of items you already have on hand, like CD’s or old CD’s, or even scrapbook materials like card stock or felt. You can then place these decorations on top of each table during dinner, as well as on the invitations or save-the-date cards.

Creating DIY wedding decorations by using old clothing is also becoming quite popular. The key to making this a success is to use vintage fabrics, such as vintage silk or wool, to create items such as place card holders, napkins, or even throw pillows. To make sure that the clothes you purchase hold up over the years, be sure to purchase fabric with a durable finish, like silk or satin.

Even if you are not a DIY wedding planner, decorating a DIY wedding can still be a huge undertaking. However, with careful planning and attention to detail, it can also be a lot of fun! So, whether you want to have a wedding that is as cheap as possible, but one that still looks amazing, or you want your guests to really feel like they are at a huge event, DIY weddings are a great option for you!

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