DIY Toilet Paper Holder – Is it Simple?

A DIY toilet seat holder might seem pretty unexciting. But, it’s the Back to Basics series. And yet, there aren’t many items more basic than bathroom time.


Am I right? Sure am. A dry toilet paper holder is just a new way to save on paper. That’s a lot of savings.


But there are other bathroom decor benefits as well. One of the best storage and safety ideas comes from the storage of paper towels. How often have we had to spend several minutes locating a just the right towel? The task can be especially frustrating in the event you happen to have to re-stall the same roll multiple times because it wore down or got too dirty. Now thanks to a new diy toilet paper holder, we can safely store and access hundreds of rolls without ever having to locate the same one again.

Speaking of the benefits of using a dry toilet paper holder, we need to take a moment to think about the environment. This is a key environmental benefit of a recycled wood or metal container. With modern manufacturing processes, plastic is certainly cheap. But nothing beats the natural beauty of wood or metal for holding toilet paper.


So where should we look to find a dry toilet paper holder? As a first step, look at where you already have storage space in your bathroom. If it’s wooden or metal, you probably have options. But if it’s something like a cabinet or pantry cupboard, it’s possible to find both ample storage space AND a holder that would be more comfortable than using a disposable.


A dry toilet paper holder is most effective when it’s used as a single unit. Instead of putting two separate holders on opposite sides of the toilet, use one long piece to hang three rolls of paper. The same can be accomplished by using three ropes – two ropes and one long rope – to hang ten rolls. By combining the different pieces with proper spacing, you can create enough space to store more than three rolls without wasting any.


You’ll also need some kind of hook to hang your folded pieces from. Toilets are often made of plastic, but sometimes they are made of metal pipe length. Because this material is so heavy, you’ll need a sturdy metal pipe length to hang the rolls from. Again, simply finding a full how-to article on the subject will show you which type to get. A pipe length is most effective when you have a few pieces in your diy toilet paper holder.


The final step is to assemble your diy toilet paper holder. To do this, you will need a rubber band to tie the open ends of each piece to the metal pipe, and then wrap the entire basket in a decorative basket ring. Lastly, tie the other end of the rope to the top of the basket. Then, tie an end of the rope to the bottom of the holder and then fold it over several times to form a triangle shape. You should then affix the top of the metal pipe to the bottom of the holder and then fold the other end of the rope over the metal pipe to seal the formation.


As for how you make sure your in toilet paper holder works, you basically just need to attach the rope to the bottom of the holder and then tie it down with a loop or some other kind of device. This is why it’s important to make sure the metal pipe is sturdy. You don’t want to have any kinks or bends in the metal pipe, and you also don’t want any creases forming in the basket. Once you have your loop established, you can then tie the open ends to the other two sides of the basket, and you’re done. It’s not difficult, and you can even put a handle on the top of the fixture if you prefer to carry it by hand.


There are some minor disadvantages to this method, however. For one thing, the newspaper doesn’t get folded into the same shape as the tube does. You can take a trip to your local craft store to buy a special rectangle that will fit the square hole in the bottom of your in toilet paper holder. Then you can tuck the square edge of the newspaper under the bottom, and it will be in perfect shape when you take it out of the holder. Otherwise, you’ll have a flap of folded paper in place that won’t come out neatly every time you try to use your toilet paper.


All in all, a DIY toilet paper holder is an easy way to create a simple bathroom vanity for little money. If you can do basic plumbing and electrical work, then you can take on a small project like this. It may not be ideal for everyone, but it’s certainly inexpensive and easy to build. The end result is something that looks better than anything you could buy at a department store.

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