DIY Envelopes Is Easy to Do

Kids love receiving and sending letters in the mail and this is an exciting project for you to involve your children in. You could have them make their very own DIY envelopes just to send them on their way and then you could mail them to friends or family. You could use magazine images, scrapbook graphics, anything you like. It really depends on you as to what you decide to do.


To make your very own DIY envelope, the first thing you will need is glue, and a standard envelope glue gun. You will also need some ribbon and elastic bands to finish off the finished project. Firstly, lay the labels out on a piece of board or other flat surface. The kids can draw on the labels with markers or crayons. Then have the children peel back the labels to expose the glue on each side. This can be messy work, so the better you do it the better it will be.


Once the glue has dried, you are ready to create the template for your diy envelope. Use your ruler to ensure the size is correct. This is particularly important if you are using a heavier cardstock envelope templates. If it is not then it will fold up and come open. Give yourself plenty of time so the glue dries before proceeding to cut the cardstock.


The next step is to gather the necessary materials. You will need to buy a standard double-sided printed magazine, scissors, glue stick, and ribbons. If you want your handmade envelopes to look more authentic than you could include a piece of fabric that you have decorated. Some people even add a little embroidery, if you are good at this.


The next step is to cut out the template. You may be cutting from your own computer hard drive if you have one, or from a photo of an envelope that you can print from your own computer. If you are going to use your computer hard drive, just make sure the image is a standard size and that you can save it without any problems. If you are going to use a photo however, you will need to adjust the dimensions to fit your template. If your template has become too small, you may need to scale the image down.


The top flap of your diy envelope will need to be sewed first. This will be your starting point. You will want to work in a straight line from left to right as you move towards the center of the envelopes. If you want your handmade envelopes to have a more unique look, you can turn your glued area into a loop as well by adding a bead as you go along.


You will then want to cut your bubble wrap along the two sides and open up each sheet to get a half inch of the inside of the envelope. Gently glue the sides together and then fold them over so that they are securely tied together. Once you have finished the glue stick part, your finished product should look something like this:


Once your glue stick is dry, you can simply trace around each side of the template. Trace around the entire template, making sure to include the folded over areas as well. Then fold the edges of the template over so that they are securely attached to your envelope. Cut your bubble wrap and your done! Your homemade envelope is now complete and can be sent out as well as personalized with the touch of your own hand.

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