DIY Denim Hair Bows on Alligator Clip

A while back my kids had a small obsession with denim cut-offs. She cut, bleached, studded and ripped numerous sets of old denims, and ended up with lots of left over jeans. This tutorial will show you how to make hair bows with an old set of jeans.

Things You Will Need:
Hair clips/pins/ties

Sewing device
Needle and thread
Bleach (optional).


Begin by cutting a rectangle of denim the height you want your acquiesce be, and twice the length. I made two sizes, big ones which were 22x8cm and little ones which were 17x4cm. Then you can leave your denim plain, or bleach it.

Then it’s time to begin making the bow!

Start by folding the two ends into the centre, best sides together. Stitch along each side individually. So you wind up with a wee square. Next turn it in the best way through the opening in the middle. Then pinch it in the middle, folding it up until you get the wanted bow shape.

Then hand sew through the middle to hold the bow in place. Make sure you do lots of loops and stitches so it doesn’t pop back open.

And there you go, you’re done!

Now you can hand stitch or hot glue a hairpin, hairpin or hair tie onto the back and you have an extremely charming wee hair bow!

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